Simple way to become very attractive and increase your sex appeal!

If you want to increase your looks one or two percentage points instantly, then grow facial hair.  And no, i am not talking about a homeless beard, i am talking … Continue Reading →

natural vs community

Naturals Dudes Vs. Community Dudes

Hey guys i am really pissed off right now with “The Community”. So i am taking my frustrations writing this post. As you all know a natural (no i am … Continue Reading →


Club game factors that are out of your control

Sometimes is not you or your game: Hey man a lot of guys over analyze when sometimes they did nothing wrong. There are some factors that are out of your … Continue Reading →


How To Deal With Confrontation and Disagreements (amog)

What is discussion? dis•cus•sion/disˈkəSHən/ Noun: a.- The action or process of talking about something, typically in order to reach a decision or to exchange ideas. b.- A conversation or debate … Continue Reading →

secret society

Exposing The Secret Society (Betrayal From An Insider)

Yes! I am snitch. In this post I will act as an informant and expose the underground secret society of seducers. Just a very small minority belong to it. And … Continue Reading →


The Ugly Truth Of Marriage And Relationships

I laugh when i get into a fights with dudes that think their women will not cheat on them.  Last weekend at the club I ran into my girlfriend step … Continue Reading →