Another simple and easy way to have sex with minimal to no resistance!

As you have probably read in my previous blog ” easiest way to guarantee sex“, which I say is a massage. But, if you suck at massages, I remember another simple thing … Continue Reading →

one night stand

How To Guide For One Night Stands In Clubs and Bars

First I will start by saying that as i got older and I reached certain amount of lays, I started to prefer having sex with a girl on day 2 … Continue Reading →


My theory on why I believe the hottest girls are more likely to have an std

In my opinion I really believe the hottest girls, top 1% , hot babe 10 or whatever you want to call them, are more likely to have an std (sexual … Continue Reading →

silence 1

How to kiss a girl (my shut the fuck up routine)

Here is a very easy routine to make out with the girl, I will call this routine “the shut the fuck up” routine so here is how it woks: Step … Continue Reading →