The History Of The Seduction Community (clean and dirty version)

  Hey guys for those of you who are curious about the history of the seduction movement, here is the history by my buddy warped mindless (as seen on the … Continue Reading →


Guest Post: How To Seduce a Stripper (Insider Secrets) By Sexual Sorcerer

I have dated a couple strippers, they are definately not my preference at all, honestly I have an aversion to them. But I am attracted to perfect 10’s and wont … Continue Reading →


How to seduce women that are part of your social circle, roommates, co-workers, classmates and the likes.

I get ask many times what is the best way to seduce people in your social circle (for the purpose of this post we will call social circle women that … Continue Reading →

3 women

The 3 Types Of Women When It Comes To Dance Floor Game

This is a video blog, for more info and break down follow the original 3 types of women: