Height matters, how to become taller (contribution by Hunter_Fox)

As seen in the looks money and status video, looks matter. Part of being good looking is being tall. Most look factors are in your control, you can hit the gym, … Continue Reading →

grabbing his dick

“I don’t usually do this”

I am gonna keep this short, if you are with a girl, escalating and arousing her and she says “I don’t usually do this”  IT IS A BIG ASS HINT … Continue Reading →

getting number

How to get a phone number in dance floor/club game

First, I never carry my cell phone when I go to a club, for many reasons: 1.- It is distracting: I see a lot of guys that waste tons of … Continue Reading →


Looks Money and Status (Looks Theory)

Hey guys, new video blog on looks money and status.  As Mark Manson says you should maximize your looks and live the lifestyle you want to live, whatever that is. … Continue Reading →


The different schools of seduction

There are currently 3 different schools of seduction according to a seducer name assman:   Old school PUAs – Focus almost exclusively on creating attraction, from a place of need … Continue Reading →

slut shaming

She’s A Home wrecker! Women Slut Shaming Other Women

I want to bring to your attention that there is a new stupid ass website that is being promoted all over the news call http://shesahomewrecker.com/ . The goal of this idiotic website … Continue Reading →


Why The Girl Does Not Want To Turn Around During The Dance

      Here is a question by a newbie, I decided to share and give you my take:     I’m sure a lot of you guys, especially ones … Continue Reading →


Guest Post: 10 Easy Ways To Spot Down To Fuck Women Online (dtf) By Josh Sway

10 Ways To Identify DTFness (dtf) Online I recently met Skills through the seduction community and despite occasionally butting heads over several theories, I believe he is one of the … Continue Reading →