game over

The ugly truth of average dudes and many former players

I can never understand the life of many average dudes and even former seducers/players:   Step 1: Meet a girl Step 2: Quit everything in your life she does not … Continue Reading →


Massive cold approaching vs. Massive club hopping

  I am against massive cold approaching (I am for cold approach which is gaming total strangers, but not MASSIVE TYPE COLD APPROACH) for many reasons: It is emotionally exhausting. It … Continue Reading →

club hotties

Debunking the “club hottie”, Why you should not put women on a pedestal!

Hey guys new video on “club hotties” my goal is for you guys not to put women on a pedestal and just see the “hot girl” as a regular girl, … Continue Reading →

millionaire matchmaker

Why women’s advice is useless for seduction and/or to get good with women!

Dudes pay 10k dollars to go to the “Millionaire Matchmaker” Patti Stanger to find love (Bravo Tv dating show, exhibit at the end of the post). Now these are not … Continue Reading →

tall dark and handsome

More looks statistics from the women point of view:

Yes, lately I have been focusing a lot of time over “looks”. The reason is looks and style are easier to fix and more in your control than status and … Continue Reading →


Proper Way To Club/Dance Floor Dating

Yesterday a female friend of mine and a male friend of mine were both on different dates at the club. Both of them made tons of mistakes which is good, … Continue Reading →

dick size

Does Dick Size Matter?

Since I am not a homo. And worst, since I am half black, if you know what I mean. I am not gonna make up or keyboardjoke on the answer. … Continue Reading →