guy girl at the club

“Do you remember me?”

As you go clubbing you will meet a lot of women. Some you will forget that you actually met them, others you will no say hi to, for whatever reason. … Continue Reading →

last minute resistance

Easy way to transition to sex with minimal to no resistance (last minute resistant destroyer)

This is a video based on the blog post “easiest way to guarantee sex”. A lot of you requested video tutorials, so here is a video that is similar to … Continue Reading →

one night stand

Why society makes one night stands and single night lays complicated!

Here is a typical scenario and why one night stands/single night lays are sometimes difficult for guys, this will help you understand the “typical” women mindset…. This is what goes … Continue Reading →

pocket rocket

A must have sex toy, introduction to the pocket rocket

Here is a cheap sex toy that cost about $35 dollars or maybe less, but it is a must have. I have bought or given this toy to all of … Continue Reading →


Sexual age of consent in USA depending on state and Europe

A lot of you guys still like younger women, my limit is 24 plus for many reasons: 1.- They are more independent. 2.- Less Drama. 3.- My taste buds changed, … Continue Reading →

club game

How to properly end the dance floor interaction!

There are different ways to end the interaction depending on the situation, I will try to cover as many situations that I have been in as possible and end them … Continue Reading →

facial hair

There is no excuse for your not maximizing your looks potential!

Well as always, the dumb virgins have taking the looks money and status youtube video and are going crazy, some of them talking plastic surgery. Anyways, my freaking goal was … Continue Reading →