Women Rating Prototype

Hey guys this is a prototype for the seduction women rating system, to bad they did not account for body, I care more about the body than the face since I … Continue Reading →

ranking womne

Debunking the women rating system

The women rating system is a debate that you see every week on forums, the information,myth, exaggerations and bullshit is all over the place. So lets start with the 2 … Continue Reading →

bad boy

Screening for sexual available girls versus traditional pick up

Hey guys, some dude posted in one of the forums one of the best articles I have read in a long time, here is the article. It was a good … Continue Reading →

women state change

Women mood change in clubs…

This weekend I met a model type blonde as I was going down the stairs from the club, she was looking at her cell phone, and I open her with … Continue Reading →