sexual escalation

Abc (always be closing)

I ran into this video, and the dude is very similar to me, in the way he behaves (cocky/funny/grandmaster/sexual escalation). But what it reminded me is how i am always … Continue Reading →


Rip Greg Plitt

Very sad day, first we lose zyzz, now we lose Greg Plitt. This dude was one of the most inspirational workout instructors out there, rip my man! here is by … Continue Reading →


Video Blog: Sexual Market Value (The Economics Of Sex)

The revolutionary Lifestyle design made a blog post about How Nightclubs work and why they are bad places to pick up women. In the comment section, I disagreed with him, … Continue Reading →

swinger club

Swinger club game

This is more for advance players that have been in seduction for at least couple of years and are getting consistent results.  The second group I recommend this is for … Continue Reading →