Women porn viewing habits across the world

More and more women are watching porn, which is good for us seducers to exploit the system, including doing 3 somes, swingclubs, bdsm etc… I have taken MULTIPLE  prude type … Continue Reading →

cold approach pick up

Why spam approaching does not work in clubs

First, we are going to talk about approach anxiety, the reason is that you do have to go through a small window of kind of spam approaching to get rid … Continue Reading →

club bouncer

Opener that I use on door men to get in free

In the post on how do I avoid cover charge in the clubs and my book, I talk about how I CONSISTENTLY IN THE LAST 20 YEARS  get in free … Continue Reading →


The opposite method (charisma series part 3)

Besides grandmaster style (sexual trolling), cocky funny, fake angry and polarity this is another method I use and seems to work extremely well as far as my charismatic/party persona. However, funny … Continue Reading →


An alternative to the seduction community “hi five” (charisma series 2)

  This is a technique I use successfully as part of my charismatic/party persona… I always felt the “high five” was over used, weak, and nerdy… So I naturally created … Continue Reading →


Why unlike popular belief, drunk women are bad for club game

Unlike the popular belief that a good seducer gets women in clubs because they are on drugs  or drunk, I am sorry to bring you the sad news, that is … Continue Reading →