car game

The car role in seduction (video Blog)

In my life I had all types of cars, from luxury vehicles to piece of shit cars aka transportation. Everything matters (looks, money and status) and a car can enter … Continue Reading →

hot club girls

Dance Floor Game scenarios (part 1)

In this blog I will answer some questions about dance floor game from a seducer from Europe goes by the  name of Impulse, hopefully you guys that go out to … Continue Reading →


The case for prostitution

This is a quote by a seducer that goes by Qlue, that got me thinking about this subject: “LOL at all the puritan thinking in this thread. If something gets … Continue Reading →


From meet to lay with funny sexting (tales from the club)

I have multiple lay reports and they all follow similar format to this one, funny sexting, a few are hidden in private forums, couple on my book and the rest … Continue Reading →


The funny sexting collection (the live texts part 1)

This is a collection of funny sexting also known as the skills method of texting following the grandmaster style psychology, please this is for illustration purposes, if that is not … Continue Reading →