Avoiding rape situations in club game (tales from the club)

Edit 10/4/2016.- There were some facts that I missed when I originally posted this blog and I made an update here which includes an apology. Recently couple of players got … Continue Reading →


7 hacks to make any guy hotter (video blog)

We are going to devote couple of weeks to looks, as you know I am really big on looks. Here is a cool video i found on 7 hacks to … Continue Reading →


Social Media and why I believe is bad for seduction

Disclaimer.– I know plenty of guys that get laid via Facebook, Instagram, snapchat… But this is my take and my opinion, based on my experiences… Lets start with a post … Continue Reading →

circle castle

How to open women dance circles

This is the million dollar question that I get asked over and over and over and over and over, did I say I get ask this question ALL THE TIME… … Continue Reading →