The Seducer relationship cycle

This is a common pattern that I have seen with many players/seducers/lovers/naturals, including the biggest names in the community such as tyler, mystery etc… I find myself in similar pattern, … Continue Reading →


Simple way to sky rocket your sexual value in clubs

Besides dance moves, muscles, style, beard and social proof as covered in this video, here is another simple way to sky rocket your sexual value in clubs. As of now … Continue Reading →


Players conference: “Seducers handling of emotions vs normal guys”

After couple of shit tests, were my new main was trying to cause a reaction to my emotional state, and I handle it as diplomatic as possible by basically mirroring … Continue Reading →

business man clubbing

How to manage professional life, business and school while clubbing

People assume that you have to be a total loser and give up your work and school to go clubbing. Now in this post I will show you how to … Continue Reading →