Delaying relationship tactics

Relationships are either growing (good), stalling (bad) or declining (horrible), please take a look at this beautiful article on the matter. But, here I am going to give you some … Continue Reading →

return of jedi

Skills the return! (tales from the club)

Took a break to take care of finances, job, money, career etc… (Thanks for asking, did an AMAZING job in just couple of months).  New business, already quadrupling the earnings, … Continue Reading →

male model

Male Rating Prototype (no homo)

We rated and described the women rating prototype a while back in this blog. As promised I am here to bring you the male rating system, caution, you may be … Continue Reading →


Why I stopped arguing about dance floor game (rant)

About 3-5 years ago, I used to lose my mind, my cool and go nuts, when I saw a post or video about dance floor game from fools. Which is … Continue Reading →


Why I totally got rid of the product section of the blog

For me credibility is extremely important. Till couple of weeks ago, I had a product section since I started the blog. However, I got rid of it. The reason I … Continue Reading →