morning person

What has helped me to wake up early in the mornings

As a night gamer for years (over 20 years), it has been very difficult for me to transition to be a morning person, but after multiple trials and errors,  I … Continue Reading →

dancefloor just met

But I just met you! (Tales from the club)

Hey guys! I just want to share with you a really cool technique that I use with women that object to kissing, having sex or any type of sexual advancement … Continue Reading →

thing i can not live withtou

Things I wish I knew about before

This will be a different post, but i will try to tie it to seduction. These are a list of things I wish I could tell my younger self that … Continue Reading →

machine gun2

Machine gun approach vs Sniper approach to club game

As you  may recall In my first week back in the clubs, I was a lot in my head and super super super picky = ok results, but mediocre, bored … Continue Reading →