Simple way to become a down to fuck club dude (Video Blog)

In this video I will show you a way to become a sexual threat that I have been experimenting with lately. If you combine it with my dance floor game … Continue Reading →


Introduction to The “reticular activating system (ras)” and the dangers of backwards rationalizations

It seems that sometimes we backward rationalize, kj, causation = correlation and theorize based on our current situation and environment and this could be very dangerous not only for ourselves … Continue Reading →


The gay friend (tales from the club)

Girl hit me up with “what are you doing tonight” at around 11:00 pm? from Radio silence. (Good indication that she is interested and dtf). This girl is pretty flaky, … Continue Reading →


Why sales, entrepreneurship and seduction go hand in hand

A lot of you guys have pmed me with a variation of these questions, “skills what is a career that blends well with seduction?” or “skills why you say sales … Continue Reading →

top gun

Introduction to the skills niggas aka wings

As you become good with women, other guys will want to hang out with you. For years I have been doing solo gaming and to be honest I do 10 … Continue Reading →