Gym, Tan and Laundry part 2 (my latest look maxing Epiphanies)

Please check Gym, tan and laundry part 1 before reading part 2 for maximum benefit. Couple of days ago I woke up and looked at my mirror and I was wowow! … Continue Reading →


Why I decided to sarge solo again!

After 15 plus years of solo gaming I decided to incorporate wings.  The reason was that after my break up with my ex- main KristyPawg, my motivation for going out … Continue Reading →


When is ok to apologize (tales from online dating)

A lot of new guys and even some gurus think that “if you are alpha you should never apologize”…. Apologizing has nothing to do with being alpha or beta, a … Continue Reading →

bachelor pad

Bachelor Pad set up to facilitate sex

These are some of the stuff I and some of the top players currently have to facilitate sex, post pull, please refer to my guide on how to pull from … Continue Reading →


What can we learn from Walder Frey of The Game Of Thrones when it comes to women ultimatums (v-blog)

One of the most despised characters of the game of Throne is the lord Walder Frey, head of House Frey.  But, he is one of the best teachers when it … Continue Reading →