My 2017 Seduction Epiphanies (all the stuff I learned this year)

First what is an ephyphany epiphany: “A Major Realization in Life A sudden realization of great truth.“ – It will take you at least a year to get your game … Continue Reading →

second generation

What works and what does not work in seduction now a days In clubs – Featuring Cosy (the cost of success)

I went through a debauchery period that ended by CHOICE, last week (I got tired of meaningless sex and I met a girl that has tons of potential to be … Continue Reading →


Why seduction and relationships are harder during the holidays (refresh your memory blog)

It seems that many players have a harder time with pick up and relationship managment during the holidays. In the past I usually got rid of my rotation to avoid … Continue Reading →


Am I a “monster” for teaching guys success with women???

As I was at chilli’s watching the Dolphins game my scheduled date comes in, we will call her hot babe fitness (cause her body is like a fitness instructor), after … Continue Reading →