A common mistake seducers make (Overreaching)

reachingOverreaching dictionary definition:

To defeat (oneself) by overdoing matters, often by excessive eagerness or cunning:
In trying to promote disunity he had overreached himself.

Over gaming is when you have a girl that likes you and is into you and instead of closing the deal you, keep trying to convince her when there is not convincing to do other than stick your dick in her pussy.

Over reaching is not over gaming, what i call over reaching is you being overly confident were you fuck up making simple, ridiculous, basic mistakes… It usually happens in 2 different scenarios:

1.- When you are leading the interaction, is going the way you want, and you get so comfortable with the progress and her investment.(she is totally digging you) That within the interaction you “ups” make a “tactical/technical mistake” cause you relax and put the guard down, most of the time, yes you can recover, but a lot of times you are pretty much fucked… I have many examples but here is one sample were i over reached:

Me: and i was going to drive you home and he got all jealous 3:50 PM
Me: at the end 3:50 PM
Me: so i left 3:50 PM
Me: without your number 3:50 PM
Me: but i had it all along 3:50 PM
Ivent: Yo si me acorde 3:51 PM ( i did remember spanish translation)
Me: awwww! 3:51 PM
Me: que linda 3:51 PM
Me: i am glad 3:51 PM
Ivent: 3:51 PM
Me: cause i really wanted to talk to you agian 3:51 PM
Me: *again 3:51 PM
Me: un besote 3:51 PM
Me: muazzz 3:52 PM
Ivent: 3:52 PM
Ivent: You can call me anytime 3:52 PM
Me: i rather see you though 3:52 Pm

2.- She is so into you and she is the one seducing you, again that you get so comfortable that you also make a tactical/technical mistake.(see the 2 video samples at the end of the post)

Here is a seducer that has experienced overreaching:

I call it becoming over-familiar. I would be so happy and maybe a bit overwhelmed with a promising interaction, that I would make two steps forward and forget about the one step back that is so important. Or I would act as if I already had reached my goal and make stupid mistakes: being too nice, not caring for details, ignoring her body language, talking too much, stopping being mysterious…

Here is another example were the seducer got very eager of the interaction:

me: wanna check out that new bar XYZ
her: I have no idea what that is
me: you’re supposed to know everything about anything new in the city
me: it’s the new bar by X
her: I was just gone for 10 days with no phone haha. I don’t know what’s going on anymore
me: only 10 days and a new bar pops up…but it looks nice
her: hmm interesting. Of course you want to go, it’s owned by X
me: heheh and it’s closer to home
her: yeah it seems to have potential
me: alright lets go

Best way to recover from this is to go radio silence (no contact for a period of time) and let the girl initiate.

Second, best way to recover from overreaching is radio silence (no contact follow with a ping)

Here is an exaggerated example of overreaching:

Here is another example of overreaching in real life scenario:

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