Another simple and easy way to have sex with minimal to no resistance!

ballroomdancingAs you have probably read in my previous blog ” easiest way to guarantee sex“, which I say is a massage. But, if you suck at massages, I remember another simple thing I used to do and that is slow dancing ballroom/ 2 step sweet 16 /wedding like style (how to video at the end).  So here is how you do it:

  • Step 1: In the closing location ( her apartment or yours, motel, hotel etc…) ask her to sit down and if she want something to drink, or you ask her for something to drink if in her place (does not matter what it is).
  • Step 2: excuse yourself to the bathroom (go to the bathroom take a piss If you have to and wash your dick really good).
  • Step 3: Act aloof and put slow romantic music or tell her if she has music and to play it (if at her apartment).
  • step 4: Grab her hand (do not ask her to dance), and dance with her like if you were in a sweet 16/wedding  (look at the youtube video below).
  • step 5: Dance slow for about 2 minutes if she tries to talk say ” shhhh” enjoy the moment.
  • step 6: Look at her in the eyes, if she tries to look away say “look at me in the eyes”.
  • step 7: Build tons of sexual tension, take your time before kissing even though you have the kiss, but do not take too long either.
  • step 8: kiss and escalate.

This is very powerful, I still prefer no technique at all or the massage. But, this is another way that works too, it is very effective.

Here is how is done:

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