How to fuck women if you are poor, live at home, have a wife or a live in girlfriend or any excuse (the paranoia routine)

At least once a week some of you fall into one of these scenarios: you live at home, or you are broke, or you have a live in girlfriend or … Continue Reading →


My approach to Valentines day (refresh your memory blog)

Context.- This is a blog post I made about 5 years ago,when I was still with the 10 year main, since valentines is coming, I am bumping it, fuck off! … Continue Reading →

2 guys and a girl

Burn out pull, Gay Flirting and introduction to my new main girl (yes homo)

Disclaimer.- This is a recollection of events that happened about 2 months ago, the girl in the story is now my main girl in training (of course 6 months probation … Continue Reading →


From dating site to the bedroom (tales from online dating)

I am getting laid consistently and effortlessly online, I know when they are ugly, I know when they will be a flake (girls that do not meet), I know when … Continue Reading →

sex talk

How to sex talk for dummies (The 8 Orgasms Routine) featuring Teevester aka Tva_Oslo

I can guarantee you that if you fully implement and do exactly as i said and field test it you will have a high probability of this working, but again … Continue Reading →

(L-r) RYAN GOSLING as Jacob and EMMA STONE as Hannah in Warner Bros. Pictures’ comedy “CRAZY, STUPID, LOVE.” a Warner Bros. Pictures release.

Verbal game lay were I used second generation verbals (the 8 orgasms routine) Tales from the club

Disclaimer.- If you are serious about seduction and getting good, I would advice to read this post, before proceeding to read this tale from the clubs. Soon I will write … Continue Reading →


My 2017 Seduction Epiphanies (all the stuff I learned this year)

First what is an ephyphany epiphany: “A Major Realization in Life A sudden realization of great truth.“ – It will take you at least a year to get your game … Continue Reading →

second generation

What works and what does not work in seduction now a days In clubs – Featuring Cosy (the cost of success)

I went through a debauchery period that ended by CHOICE, last week (I got tired of meaningless sex and I met a girl that has tons of potential to be … Continue Reading →


Am I a “monster” for teaching guys success with women???

As I was at chilli’s watching the Dolphins game my scheduled date comes in, we will call her hot babe fitness (cause her body is like a fitness instructor), after … Continue Reading →

how to get laid on tinder

Tinder for desktop

As you guys know I am big on not using your phone for texting, chatting with girls etc… Cause in my opinion is not efficient. Recently I have been experimenting … Continue Reading →