Best explanation I have ever found on looks matter theory (featuring Alex Novy from Sleazy forum)

beauty and the beastHey guys, one of the best explanations on looks theory I have ever seen… The looks matter stuff is all over the place but this explanation is very clear and practical, it is by one of the top dudes on Sleazy forum (anti game forum), but is pretty good, so here is by Alex Novy:


I think the problem with “looks matter” is that most guys mishear it as:

You have to be a born superhandsome chiseled male model to get laid, or otherwice accept having an ugly girlfriend you have to get by begging for months

It might be more constructive to say “You have to be her type to attract her”. Because that’s what it’s really about. It’s about dispelling the notion that you can “create attraction”.

And also what “looks matters” means is that your most fit, in shape version will be more attractive than an out-of-shape version of you… But that’s unfortunately not how guys read it.

They read it as “so you’re saying I have to be Brad Pitt to get laid at all” -> which is why they get so defensive.


I left one out, so what “looks matters really means is”, as I said:

1) You have to be her type physically, and that’s individual to every woman
2) The most fit version of you will attract a lot more women than an out-of-shape version of you (all else being equal)

***And I left out***

3) Looks matters means you generally have to be within 3 points from the girl.

– So to get a 10, its possible at most if you’re a 7, though most likely if you’re an 8 or a 9. 

– Fortunately this isn’t so defeatist or bad as your physique goes into your overall looks. If you’re a 5 naturally (face, body symmetry etc), getting a great physique can make you a 7… So even a “natural 5” can become attractive enough to date 10s.

– Though anyone who has any experience with women will tell you that LITERALLY in real life you get NO additional joy or pleasure out of banging 10s than you do 8s, or even 7s… really. A cute 7 that has a tight body, you’ll feel just as great banging her as a 10… 

Like anyone with good sexual experience will confirm this to you, there’s literally zero additional benefit to banging 10s, you don’t feel better, the orgasms aren’t any better… they’re not better to cuddle with than 8s… really.

So really, there’s no reason to ever feel bad about the fact that looks matter, it doesn’t mean you’re doomed to a shitty sex life. 

All that “looks matter means is 

1) “Don’t be an obese slob that dresses like a bum, going around ONLY hitting on 10s and 9s, then crying about getting nowhere”

2) Don’t take it personally if you don’t attract a girl, you’re simply not her type. There’s nothing she or you can do about it, it’s just mismatching DNA… that’s it, nothing to take personally. 

There are hundreds of millions of girls who are hot to other guys, but you can’t get turned on by them, because they’re just not your type. Despite there being nothing unattractive about these girls – they’re just NOT YOUR TYPE.




Now here some dude asks:

Can less attractive guys even compete with good looking guys for one night stands with hot girls? Will hot girls ever lust after guys who arent good looking, but have preselection and game? And confidence? Im just starting to go out with the intention to pick up and chat with girls. I know for now, I won’t be confident to approach a girl who’s out of my league. Will I realistically have a shot with them, when I’m good enough? Do you have friends that arent good looking and get the same quality of girls that you get?


Alex Novy Replies:

Depends on what you mean by “hot girls”

– If you mean supermodels (top 0.1% of pornstars or top 10% of models), then NO.

– If you simply mean cute girls with tight bodies, then YES.

And why would you view “cute girls with tight bodies” as being out of your league? 
Those are 7s and 8s really. Are you naturally a 4 or something!?? 

Notice that “leagues” aren’t exact. It’s more like a range, where you can get girls within 2-3 points from you, due to subjectivity and tastes and personal preferences… If you’re a 6, then sevens and eights are “in your league”.

And if you are actually a “4”, then get well-defined, get muscular, get some amazing clothes and you’ll become a 6-7. Cute girls with tight bodies (sevens and eights) will be in your league easy.



Again some dude asks:

Alex, I don’t know where I rank myself in sexual, physically attractiveness. Ive gotten negative feedback on how I look. Some girls say I look like a kid, some say cute, I get weird comments like he’s beautiful.

Alex Novy response:

That’s the variation part. For some girls you’re a 5, to some you’re a 7. This is why this stuff is a numbers game. Go interview some girls about the celebs deemed “hottest guys on the planet, you’ll be surprised. One girl’s “10” is another girl’s 7.

I’m getting the sense that you take each girl’s attraction to you as if it determined your looks to every other girl on the planet (I might be completely projecting, forgive me).

Just go out and try to meet a lot of women, you’ll be surprised. One day a 5 will be disgusted by you, the next day you’ll meet a 7 who thinks you’re the cutest guy ever.

…. What I’m trying to say is, you can only ascertain your “league” through a bunch of experience and see what you can get when you AVERAGE your experiences with a lot of women. Don’t be fooled by a small sample size.

– If a 7 crushes on you one day it doesn’t mean that you’re a “7 magnet”, you might just be her type for some reason.

– If a 4 rejects you, it doesn’t mean you are a “2”.

– Get a lot of experience, and then you’ll see where you stand. 

– Getting an athletic physique will increase you rank by 1-2 points (unless you’re already somewhat athletic)


Another dude asks:

But I don’t know about the last point. I always thought getting an athletic physique would have a larger impact, like 3-4 points on this 1 -10 looks scale (relative to your position with an average physique).

Was I really so way off by assuming that?


Alek Novy answers:

Btw, scientists can’t agree on this. Take 12 studies, they find 12 different results. Some find a bigger effect, some find a smaller effect. And they use different methodologies and different ways of definiHonestly I’m guesstimating off my head, i’m not using a calculator when I write this stuff. I’m just guesstimating having read about a dozen papers on this, it’s not precise math. And honestly, I say 2 points (from average to jacked) precisely because I’m afraid of overstating the male physique… so… it’s not precise…

I just say:

– 2 points for average to jacked
– 3 points for obese to jacked

Because I’m trying to keep it moderate and prevent “overstating it”. This way I know I’m not saying anything unrealistic. It might actually be more…

And yes, that’s what it means about “natural 5 to 7”

If you’re of average shape, and a 5 “naturally”… because you have an average face, average symmetry, complexion etc… Getting a jacked body will make you a 7.

It’s the same for us guys as it is for girls if you think about it. 

– There are girls we see as a 7 because she has a 7 face and average body
– There are girls we see as a 7 because she has an average face and BANGING body

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  • Ni Ca says:

    great post skills, i have had shit loads of experiences where girls i would say are a 4 in my eyes think im ugly yet girls i see as a 9/10 sees me as hot, there is no exact fact on how is hotter, its all subjective, i always thought i was a 2, then other times 9/10, it varies but thanks for the post, interesting stuff here 😉

  • byronicmate says:

    Good stuff. Thanks for the share, Skills.

  • byronicmate says:

    “That chemistry turned into SHIT when she saw his face!” HAHAHAHA

    So, I know you made the video a long time ago…still, it was totally worth another view.

  • Ni Ca says:

    I apologise for a shit load of questions, but what do you think about pick up material, nonsense or somewhat helpful, i mean the likes of rsd or mystery, the pick up community also teaches that as the years go by and the more work we do on yourselves we will eventually be attracting more and more women into our lives even hotter then before, i think thats why most men keep persisting in this game, i mean is that what happens for you

    • Skills says:

      You can ask all the questions you want, you do not need to apologize. That is the goal of the blog to help, again ask all the questions you want. The more you interact with women, the more experience, and the more you can identify body language, approach invites and women that are into you.

  • Nice post Skills, I see the two key factors as max out your SMV and tighten your game to obtain and retain women in your league.

  • Jason says:

    Hey Skills,
    Love your blog! I’ve been following it for around a year because you spill the truth about the pua community and the reality. Got a question do women tend to have a lower bitch shield and more receptive when it is a small party with less men and more women?
    I went to my to my friends party and there was 4 chicks and 1 guy and me so there were just 2. One girl was interested in me but 5 to 10 minutes later more guys came in and it was a sausage fest. She went from green to red and her bitch shield was high. Have you ever encounter that problem before?

    • Skills says:

      hahahaha! yes the more girls the less bitch shield the more in reality of who she is, this usually happens in clubs and parties at the beginning of the night(this is cover in the book under club dynamics) which is why i was complaining (people think i was hating on this video of afcadams ) women even will approach you and compete for you (does not mean anything at that point of the night) vs. 2 hours into the clubbing/party night the ratio will be more guys than girls and will continue to increase as the night goes on and the level of bitch shield will reach tops, since more and more guys with NO GAME, approaching, creeping them out, not getting hints that they are not wanted etc…. so their ego goes up and up and up as well as the shield.

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