When women do not usually go out to clubs

Couple of months ago the clubs were dead due to the fight event between May vs Connor (just lol instead of me getting laid with an online girl, I ejected … Continue Reading →


Some halloween club game tips (reminder blog)

Halloween coming up so I am bumping this blog I made in the past as a reminder.  Halloween is a great night to go out and meet tons of women … Continue Reading →


Post club sex escape strategies

Every seducer has been there multiple times, you meet a hottie, you seduce her, you bang her and you want her to leave (if at your place) or you want … Continue Reading →


My first cuckhold adventure (Tales from the club)

Going to cover many aspects of night life and the beauty of night game and why is better than any other game… First what is a cuckhold: “Not simply a … Continue Reading →


Persistance Without neediness (tales from the club)

As always a bit long, but I will make it interesting and enjoyable. In this tales from the club, I am trying to show some calibrated persistence without showing neediness. … Continue Reading →

cold reading

Some simple cold reads that I use in the clubs

I already covered some of the banter that I constantly use in the clubs and the streets in my mega collection of cheese banter and lines series. So here I … Continue Reading →


Why I decided to sarge solo again!

After 15 plus years of solo gaming I decided to incorporate wings.  The reason was that after my break up with my ex- main KristyPawg, my motivation for going out … Continue Reading →

bachelor pad

Bachelor Pad set up to facilitate sex

These are some of the stuff I and some of the top players currently have to facilitate sex, post pull, please refer to my guide on how to pull from … Continue Reading →


Simple way to become a down to fuck club dude (Video Blog)

In this video I will show you a way to become a sexual threat that I have been experimenting with lately. If you combine it with my dance floor game … Continue Reading →


The gay friend (tales from the club)

Girl hit me up with “what are you doing tonight” at around 11:00 pm? from Radio silence. (Good indication that she is interested and dtf). This girl is pretty flaky, … Continue Reading →