Simple way to become a down to fuck club dude (Video Blog)

In this video I will show you a way to become a sexual threat that I have been experimenting with lately. If you combine it with my dance floor game … Continue Reading →


The gay friend (tales from the club)

Girl hit me up with “what are you doing tonight” at around 11:00 pm? from Radio silence. (Good indication that she is interested and dtf). This girl is pretty flaky, … Continue Reading →

top gun

Introduction to the skills niggas aka wings

As you become good with women, other guys will want to hang out with you. For years I have been doing solo gaming and to be honest I do 10 … Continue Reading →

dancefloor just met

But I just met you! (Tales from the club)

Hey guys! I just want to share with you a really cool technique that I use with women that object to kissing, having sex or any type of sexual advancement … Continue Reading →

machine gun2

Machine gun approach vs Sniper approach to club game

As you  may recall In my first week back in the clubs, I was a lot in my head and super super super picky = ok results, but mediocre, bored … Continue Reading →

return of jedi

Skills the return! (tales from the club)

Took a break to take care of finances, job, money, career etc… (Thanks for asking, did an AMAZING job in just couple of months).  New business, already quadrupling the earnings, … Continue Reading →


Why I stopped arguing about dance floor game (rant)

About 3-5 years ago, I used to lose my mind, my cool and go nuts, when I saw a post or video about dance floor game from fools. Which is … Continue Reading →


Simple way to sky rocket your sexual value in clubs

Besides dance moves, muscles, style, beard and social proof as covered in this video, here is another simple way to sky rocket your sexual value in clubs. As of now … Continue Reading →

business man clubbing

How to manage professional life, business and school while clubbing

People assume that you have to be a total loser and give up your work and school to go clubbing. Now in this post I will show you how to … Continue Reading →


My view on salsa, merengue, bachata, ballroom and any other type of partner dancing

This was a question by a seducer that goes by Frwestk: “I started taking salsa and bachata lessons recently, with interest starting from my on and off relationship with a … Continue Reading →