Am I a “monster” for teaching guys success with women???

As I was at chilli’s watching the Dolphins game my scheduled date comes in, we will call her hot babe fitness (cause her body is like a fitness instructor), after … Continue Reading →

how to get laid on tinder

Tinder for desktop

As you guys know I am big on not using your phone for texting, chatting with girls etc… Cause in my opinion is not efficient. Recently I have been experimenting … Continue Reading →

cool look

One small change that I made in my game that you should make as well

In a recent discussion with one of the top seducers that goes by Pure Evil, he was asking me why I do not cold approach and game as I go … Continue Reading →


Women do not necessarily have it any easier than dudes (Women series)

Women series is a number of blog posts dedicated to my female followers, BUT YOU CAN also benefit from seeing things from their point of view…  These are women I … Continue Reading →


A common mistake seducers make (Overreaching)

Overreaching dictionary definition: To defeat (oneself) by overdoing matters, often by excessive eagerness or cunning: In trying to promote disunity he had overreached himself. Over gaming is when you have … Continue Reading →


Pinging women with Hurricane Irma

Pinging is when players, send a quick text, phone call or pm to revive dead leads, women in radio silence (no contact), or women that were hot and went cold. … Continue Reading →

online dating

My approach on how to get laid online

In this post I will discuss how to get laid online, based on my STYLE. I did online game, about a decade ago (pre-apps only and only pof), in my … Continue Reading →


Gym Tan and laundry part 3 (my latest look maxing epiphanies)

Please take a look at part 1 and part 2 of the Gym Tan and Laundry series if you have not done so, this shit is stuff I wished someone had told me years … Continue Reading →


Gym, Tan and Laundry part 2 (my latest look maxing Epiphanies)

Please check Gym, tan and laundry part 1 before reading part 2 for maximum benefit. Couple of days ago I woke up and looked at my mirror and I was wowow! … Continue Reading →


When is ok to apologize (tales from online dating)

A lot of new guys and even some gurus think that “if you are alpha you should never apologize”…. Apologizing has nothing to do with being alpha or beta, a … Continue Reading →