complimentThere are 2 schools of thoughts on compliments, the guys that teach and advocate, no to compliment women and the others that don’t care.  The camp of no complements  have all type of explanations and statistics on why you should not compliment a woman (most of it mental masturbation). The main objection is “she already know she is cute and she hears it all the time”.  Well, I do not get tired of women complimenting my big dick, do you? or would you? no right. My point is we all crave validation, so I believe is a stupid ass logic. So skills what is your take on compliments? good question, my take on compliments is give them as long as it comes from the right place, in other words,  if you are a cool, sexy, high value dude who is no needy and who does not put a woman on a pedestal is ok to give an HONEST COMPLIMENT.  These are some of the authentic compliments that I frequently use, I even open with compliments:

1.- I think you are cute/attractive/adorable and I wanted to find out if your looks match your personality, my name is skills.

2.- I really love your smile, it seems like you are happy and cheerful i really appreciate that, it shows me you do not care about people think you are in the moment, are you always like this? if she say yes! I reward with a high five or awesome or you are keeper. (I usually say this when dancing with a happy girl).

3.- Are you Cuban? if the girl responds no, then where does the ass come from? if yes, i say i knew it! if the girl say why? cause of that ass ( I proceed to grab the ass). I use this one a lot with big booty girls, since I am an ass man.

4.- Those are some bad ass shoes.

5.- Any  honest compliments about hair, outfit, nails.

But, what they all have in common is that they come from a place of authenticity, no looking for a reaction and no neediness/don’t give a fuck. Compliments that are needy, weak and put the responsibility on the girl:

1.- pssss! pssss!

2.- hey mami!

3.-  You are so sexy!

4.- damm!

5.- You are hot.

And the likes,   with that being said, it does not matter, they could still work other than psss! psss!, as long as it comes from the right place, but they have way lower probability of success than the ones I already do. The good pick up teachers from the natural game/screening schools of thought like 60 yoc, good looking loser, Steve Jabba, me etc… Do not have problems using compliments on our seductions. Here is a video of Steve Jabba using compliments in one of his pick ups, his style is very similar to what I do when I am not doing dance floor game after the clubs are closed notice how he uses honest compliments, physicality and he has a sexual/i want to fuck you vibe:

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  • rick says:

    I know you usually go after women who give approach invites as in checking you out in the club since those are very successful since most are sexually available while being into you but i noticed you talk about cold approaching also so i’m confused to if you do both or you only do both when your getting up in the game and when you got to your highest level of game as in a pro you only do warm approaches meaning the women who check you out? this is what it seems like but not sure. I also just bought your book so should get it in 6 days looking forward to reading it and put it into practice.

    • Skills says:

      No i do cold approach(gaming strangers, no spam approaching) and I force approach invites(look for that post by illuminatus in the blog), any absent of fuck off! body language I take is an invitation. I am not a pro, that is all bs invented by marketers, pick up is a numbers game, as long as you can lay 1 in 10 girls, you are alright aka a pro. I think i can lay 1 in 5.

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