Dance floor game life stages

danceThis is how your progression should look like, based on some of the guys I have helped or known through the years:

The anxiety stage: In this stage you will be thinking everybody in the club is focus on you and are paying attention to every action, movement and things you do. The dancing in this stage is mediocre. The reality is most people for the most part are worried about themselves, with that being said in my experience women do have a good radar and can sense what is going on for the most part. During this period, typically guys are worried about their dance moves and micromanaging their steps. They feel very uncomfortable and typically no having much fun in the club. However, towards the end of the night, if they make it that far, may gather the strength to make an approach or two to an ugly or average girl, usually with the help of alcohol. This usually last anywhere from a month to a year depending on the person.

The incompetency stage: During this stage the dude may experience the symptoms of the anxiety stage, but only for the first 2 hours, since now he is feeling more comfortable with clubs, and his dancing is decent. After, he is warmed up he may not be so conscious of his movements and may have a bit of fun in the clubs and/or frustration cause now he is been going to clubs for a while and has not hooked up. Usually in this stage the dude is dancing and is expecting girls to approach him and do all the work. But, towards the end of the night they may make couple of dance approaches and maybe a make out or a lucky snl here and there, usually with an ugly to average girl. This may go on for a year or two.

The normal stage: In this stage the dude may be now a bit more comfortable with clubs is still a bit self-conscious with dancing, but now as the other previous 2 stages. The dude is approaching average and below average girls for the most parts, and having some successes. His dancing is ok or above average. He may hook up with a girl or 2 here and there, but his game is very dependent of luck and tons of effort. He still notice patterns in clubs and women, but does not fully has a grasp on it or a method. Still tons of trial and error. He is getting more picky with women, but when he is with a hot or above average girl he gets needy and super self conscious of his actions. Sometimes he may get lucky and get onitis and/or get into a relationship with a girl. This stage may last about a year or two.

The competency stage: In this stage the dancing is above average, the dude can read none verbal language and clubs dynamic. He does not expect women to come up to him and do all the work, but due to his dancing and behavior, a lot of women open him. He is fucking tons of women, some one night stands and some day 2. The quality of women is better. He is popular or semi-popular. He has couple of girlfriends, and tons of prospects. With that being said, he is developing a reputation, no necessarily good and is getting burned a bit. This stage usually happens after 5 years clubbing, of course depends on the dude.

The mastery stage: The dancing in this stage is probably one of the 3 best dancers in the whole club. He knows pretty much everybody, people go out of their way to say hi to him. He gets in the clubs for free. The dude is pretty much a mini celebrity. The dude can care less if he hooks up or not, he is going out more for the fun. The problem here is that the dude is getting burned, he has been going out for years, he is been there/done that thinking. He faces problems with logistics and groups, since most girls will be part of a social group were he has fucked or been with one of the girls. Boredom start creeping in, stalkers and psychos start to become problematic. The lays start to become effortless, and too many with women that are above average to super hot. Women start to act up and demand exclusivity. The dude screens good and do not waste time due to the experience, it is easy for him to see patterns. This stage comes after 8-10 years.

The retirement stage: The dude is totally burned from going out to clubs for many years, he does not enjoy going out anymore, he is getting older.  He has fucked tons of women, now he wants to chill. He may have found what I called a “game changer” type woman who he has screened right, due to his experiences. This usually comes after 10 years.

The post-retirement stage: He has now broken up from his girlfriend and misses the club life, goes back to clubs and go through all the stages again, but super fast in a period of couple of months, and the cycles repeats.

So there you have it, some of the stages of dance floor game that I have seen over and over and over.





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