Dancing by yourself (Solo Dancing)


There are a lot of discussions and theories from different players on solo dancing.

Solo dancing is simply a dude dancing by himself or with a friend on the dance floor(no homo). Some club dudes say it is bad for game, some others say it is cool, but there is a little bit of truth in both theories which I will explain as we go along.

Solo dancing can be good specially at the beginning of the night, it sub communicates that you are fun, sexy, that you have confidence and that you have thick skin (you do not care about people think). This has been effective for me usually at the beginning of the night in clubs, or when I club hop,  sometimes I do solo dancing in the other clubs upon arrival, of course depending on the situation and environment. Remember women like a dude that can dance and not many dudes can dance or are in the dance floor.

I know some guys that solo dance all night long and wait for girls to approach them and start conversation(one of my friends have gotten approach about 15 times on a single night, but he is a professional dancer), actually I went through a stage in my life in which this was my whole game. I would go to a club dance all night and wait for women to approach me. The only problem with this approach is that limits your choices and it is a very slow game, but hey! it works. However, you will get laid more if you follow my method and are more pro-active in your approach.

One of The problems with Solo dancing is that if you do it too long, women will get bored of seeing you and you will become “used furniture”, in other words, the novelty and curiosity about you, will wear off,  she will be in her head like “ok I have seen enough” what is next, or “Damm you are cute and sexy are you gonna come over an interact with me” or “wtf this guy is dancing all night long by himself why is he no with women, is there something wrong with him”. All of that could be interpret as a lack of coolness or how puas call it displaying lower value.

At this point in my life I am pretty much numb, sometimes I don’t give a fuck so if i feel like solo dancing all night long and not hook up, but i have fun, then I may do it ( I always end up hooking up anyways). But, my blog is about maximizing your chances in a club environment so let me tell you how it would be ideal.

As you go in the club in the beginning stages of the night you can step out of the dance floor and go to a place in the club that is low key and look for the women that are your type, then look for the ones that have the best logistics and/or down to fuck (dtf), for example women that are not with a large social group or mix guy groups and with boyfriends etc…) This is one approach as i talk about it in my book.

Another approach is to solo dance and do the same thing I previously advice but while solo dancing. When solo dancing you will get tons of proximity and/or women will open you. However,  usually the women that open you with solo dancing are attention whoring or just want to get warm up themselves., my point is that they do not want to necessarily hook up, but every once in a while one that is interested and down, will come along.  Solo dancing also helps you get out of your head and warmed up in case you want to open women, so if you do it becomes easier than going cold.

So there you have it solo dance if you want, but don’t do it in one spot for too long, dance 10-15 minutes in one spot, look for the women that are open and dtf, force approach invites and if there, dance with them, if nothing there, solo dance and move to another part of the club and continue doing it.  Finally, just make sure you do not fall into the “dancing monkey” or “used furniture” territory. Out!


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