Dating statistics and how we get around them

datingThese are dating matrices and statistics so you guys can get a sense of what works and what does not, but I will make plenty of observations. The information found at   is worth checking out periodically to see all types of women statistics, then compare it to your field experiences (the results you are getting in the field and what works for YOU). So lets review the statistics:


After meeting a man for the first time women prefer to be first contacted by:

  1. Text message (73%)
  2. Phone call (19%)
  3. Facebook (6%)
  4. Instant Messenger App (2%)

No surprise here, I have always advocate for texting. Most women hate talking on the phone and actually calling them could be interpret in this new era as neediness/desperation, since nobody calls anymore.

First Texts

How long it takes for men to first get in touch Vs. when women want men to first get in touch:

How Long When men first get in touch When women want men to first get in touch
Same night 16% 13%
Next day 49% 46%
2 days 14% 30%
3 days 10% 6%
4 days + 11% 5%
  • 89% of women want to be first contacted within 48 hoursFirst Texts
  • Only 6% of women think the 3 day rule is ok

Women will lose interest in men after:

  • 5 days if men don’t get in touch
  • 2 days if she is a “hot babe” (in high demand)
  • 21% of men are blowing their chances by waiting 3 days or more to get in contact

Again no surprise here, is good to strike women as Gunwitch says “when the iron is hot” , since women go through state changes.  Now same night texting works well when the girl is really into you or you agree to meet later in the night. Other wise in my experience next day or in 48 hours (this is the one i do the most, works well). So lets say i meet a girl on a Saturday, I usually contact her on Monday.  However, if the girl is super into me she will usually text me right away the same night.

Why Women Flake the First Date

60% of women flake the first date because of needy texts from men.

Texting habits that make women flake the first date*:

  1. Desperate and needy texts (60%)
  2. Talking dirty too much (44%)
  3. Revealing jealous traits (24%)
  4. Not funny or playful anymore (24%)
  5. Try to fix the date too soon (10%)

The First Date

Women’s top 5 favourite first date activities:

  1. Coffee
  2. Dinner
  3. Drinks at a bar
  4. Aquarium / Zoo
  5. Cinema


This is self explanatory, but I am big on sexting, the key is go into it by gauging how she is reacting and calibrating accordingly. I usually do not arrange dates and we do not do traditional type dating as explained here, instead I arrange sexual encounters. If 44% of women are not into fucking me, then I do not waste my time. Sexting works for me, and when it does not, the women are not the ones that will be down to fuck anyways, so it helps with polarization and screening. Disclaimer, you do not want to come across as a pervert, but as a sex worthy guy. I bet you that 44% of girls are referring to guys that come across as horn dogs instead of sex worthy cool lovers.

On average there are:

Number of Men Chasing Women

  • 1.4 men chasing every 1 woman
  • 2.6 men chasing women who go out twice a week
  • 4 men chasing every hot babe

On a typical night out:

  • 2 men hit on every woman
  • 4 men hit on every hot babe

^ We don’t give a fuck about how many men are trying to pursue the girl we want, there could be a million dudes wanting the same girl we want. Our criteria is, she is in or is she out, in other words is she in the maybe or is she a yes. We are looking for girls that are into us or entertain the possibility of being with us. And we do not want to waste to much time on them. Lets’ no forget that we are also talking/dating multiple women.

83% of women have had pick up lines used on them 81% of women don’t reject men immediately – they give them a chance first

The top 7 reasons women reject men who try to chat them up is when the man*:

Top 3 Reasons Women Reject Men Who Try to Chat Them Up

  1. has poor conversation (44%)
  2. is too drunk (41%)
  3. is too full on (27%)
  4. is ugly (21%)
  5. uses a pick up line (16%)
  6. approaches at a bad time (14%)
  7. is badly dressed (6%)

^ Pick up lines do not work as we have discuss over and over in the blog. I am tired of repeating no drinking for more info. on this click here.   About being ugly most of the blogs talks about maximizing your looks potential and style we talk about this in most posts but here is the general guide.  About the approaching we teach how to look or force signs of interest here.

When women refuse to give men their phone number 61% of the time it’s because he is too pushy or asks too soon.

Women won’t give their number to a man if he:

When Women Refuse to Give a Man Their Number

  1. is too pushy (37%)
  2. is too drunk (28%)
  3. asks too soon (24%)
  4. seems like a player (11%)

^ Again if you are a regular follower of the blog, we are against phone numbers, facebook etc…. We only get numbers when there is heavy vibe/chemestry, the girl is into us, after make outs etc… Other than that is a waste of time. All of the information in quotes was obtain credit of URL:

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    – Your biggest fan (No homo)

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    I like the hit on per night and chasing stats. 4 guys per hottie seems about right, lol..

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