How to deal with transsexuals, gays and lesbians in the club

gaysAs you go clubbing you will start dealing in situations were you will have to deal with Transexuals, gays and lesbians.

So first lets start with the definitions:


noun \(ˌ)tran(t)s-ˈsek-sh(ə-)wəl, -shəl\

: a person who tries to look, dress, and act like a member of the opposite sex; especially : someone who medically changes himself or herself into a member of the opposite sex



adjective \ˈgā\

: sexually attracted to someone who is the same sex



A woman whose emotional, romantic, and sexual energies are geared towards other women.


First remember that transexuals, lesbians and gays along with players are part of the secret society.

A lot of transsexuals specially in South Beach and/or places like Thailand/Brazil/Costa Rica look extremely hot, you have no idea that they were at one point a dude. Guys with a high lay count, at one point or another, may have been with a transsexual accidentally.

Okay enough about that, do not got paranoid, 98% of the time you will know or get a gut feeling something is off, especially if you follow my advice of avoiding alcohol and drugs.

A lot of transsexuals are discriminated against, mock and bully, since we are part of the secret society, we as players do not engage in that behavior.

Some other transsexuals are very popular and the life of the party. There was a popular 7 feet tall in South Florida that was very popular and a friend, I used to say hi, never hang out with him, but sometimes we would get the party going specially when everybody at the club was shy and self conscious.

What I recommend players to do with transsexuals is to be neutral and not judgmental.  Most of the time they will go out in sets of 2 or more, mainly for protection.

Ok now lets move on to gays and how to deal with them, my inspiration for the post.  Some players are big on going to gay clubs and fuck tons of women taking advantage of these clubs. My seducer friend Teevester/tva oslo has fucked tons of women going to gay clubs. My speculation, is that women have low level of Bitch Shield, in other words their defenses are lower in those type of clubs, plus you do not have to be competing with 5 guys or more per girl like the typical club.

In regular clubs there will be some gay dudes, most of the time is one gay dude and one girl, or 2 girls and one gay dude. The gay dude is not the masculine type, but the very overcompensating feminine type of gay dude.

If you follow my advice the gay dude may be your biggest asset and will make it easier for you to hook up with the girl, if not he will be your biggest cock block.

Again, there has to be no homophobia and judgmental vibe in your body or vibe. I have been in many situations, were the gay guy will shit test you to look for homophobic vibes. The shit test may be in the form of comments or complements towards you, or a dance, or a touch. You can not flinch you have to act neutral and play stupid, to turn the gay dude down from advances in a way that helps him save face. For example there were 2 girls and a gay dude, I was hooking up with the girl, and the gay dude kept trying to make advances. I gave him attention (you kind of have to give him some attention, since they are attention whores), but then I play stupid, and  move away making it look accidental and place the girl in a way that made it difficult for him to be interacting with me. After couple of times doing this, the dude got it and stop trying. Now one problem I have encountered is that none players, will see you in the set and may fuck with you, since they are homophobes, causing in some cases conflict/fights. As I was dancing with the 2 girls, and the gay guy, some dude was elbowing me trying to pick a fight. Of course, I know better not to fight in the club, so i signal him to go outside with me, of course he pussied out. After going through hoops and passing the shit tests, which your not being homophobe turn women on since now they 100% know you are secret society, the dude was cheer leading for the girl to fuck me, and begging to let him “just watch”.

Now let’s move on to lesbians, no I am not talking about the 2 hot girls that make out at the club for attention. What I am talking about is the masculine lesbian girl who wishes to be a dude. These girls are just amazing, just like gay dudes overcompensate with over the top feminine behavior, these lesbians go over the top with super masculine type behavior and they are EXCELLENT players, they perform to perfection all the stuff that we teach guys to do to become more attractive. The typical set up is couples, so it will be a hot lesbian with a masculine lesbian, and usually in a pair of 2 or 3 together in a small group (so 4 to 8 members). Now with this set up there may be a straight girl or two as part of the group.

So this is how we play with the masculine lesbian. Since they are overcompensating with masculine behavior and trying to be tough. The key is to kind of acknowledge them a bit, but not engage them at all and if you can avoid them in the interactions, awesome.

Let them be the leader of the group, do not try to amog (be the alpha male of the group), let them take that role. Have a friendly vibe but with the acknowledge that they are in charge (or make them believe they are). In most cases they act and behave like a biker/ganster dude. The good thing about this type of lesbian is that they will not help you get laid, or cock block like gay dudes, they are super neutral, but if you engage their girl they will be super jealous and may pick a fight, so avoid engaging much the lesbian they are with. For example I hooked up with a girl that was with a group of lesbians, they were pretty neutral, so I just did the seduction the same way I do my regular seductions.

Now the problem comes when you are competing with this type of lesbian with the straight girl, they sometimes want to pick a fight, to overcompensate masculinity. In this cases I just let them have the girl, and put the decision on the girl to be with me or not, I don’t sweat it (abundance mentality).









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