The Different Types Of Seducers According To Skill Level (Player, Gigolo/Escort, Mack, Pimp)

gigolosHey guys this is a new video blog, make sure your annotations are on in your youtube player, it seems youtube is making my life difficult with their stupidity. Anyways:




A player, secret society dude, seducer, ladies man: It is a dude that is charismatic, sexy, confident, very attractive and is always behaving sexually towards women. He exchange sex for sex and no other consideration (a boy toy).  I go on in Detail about the player in my 2 types of men post. I encourage you to read that post couple of times in detail.

A Gigolo/Escort: Is a player that gets paid for sex. The problem is that a gigolo works for a pimp, could be a man or a woman pimp that they have to share the money with.   The seducer that taught me “number 1” -as seen in my book – was a former gigolo. Second, problem is that they are typically bi-sexual. Third, problem is that they lack freedom since they work for a pimp and sometimes they have to sleep with hideous looking women.

A Mack: He is a player that hustles women. Unlike the gigolo/escort he does not work for a pimp. He gets favors in exchange for sex like rent paid, car paid, bills paid, money etc….

A pimp: This is the highest level of game. A pimp is a dude that have women that he controls and are in love with him, sleeping with strangers for money that goes to his pocket.

Here is the video with breakdowns and examples:

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