How to get a phone number in dance floor/club game

getting numberFirst, I never carry my cell phone when I go to a club, for many reasons:

1.- It is distracting: I see a lot of guys that waste tons of time looking at the phone instead of playing the field, looking for approach invites, down to fuck women or simply approaching.

2.- It can interfere in your seduction: You can be gaming a girl and all of a sudden another girl is texting you or calling you to meet her, breaking your focus.

3.- You can easily lose the phone or break the phone specially if you dance like me.

4.- I like women to invest in giving me the number and it could be an excuse for isolation by taking her to the bar and witting it in a napkin.

5.- It is uncomfortable for the grinding or for dancing in general: Yes phone and car keys annoying when dancing, I usually leave both in the car.

6.- It gives you the all or nothing attitude: Some guys are happy with a stupid ass phone number, instead of going for the close.

So first my goal is to close, so no phone number needed or phone. But if the close is not there for whatever reason, then yes, you got a get the number. Here is how I do it:

me: Where is your phone? (notice how it comes from a boss/leader/alpha frame, no begging or shit like that)

her: here or sometimes they say for what (if they say for what I say I need to make a phone call, let me borrow it)

me: grab her phone and call my google voice and receive a miss called. ( I always make sure to know the time so I know who is who).

Since i like trolling and joking around i sometimes, text myself as in coming from her (since i have her phone) : saying  “wowow you are so hot please call me”.

Second way:

I grab her hand and LEAD towards the bar. At the bar I pull out a dollar and ask the bar tender for a pen. Then I grab a napkin and put the pen on top and say to her  “here” then I proceed to SHUT THE FUCK UP. At that point she writes her phone number on the napkin, it is this simple. 90% I do the first way and 10% I do the second way, just as preference and laziness.

But, skills I like to go to the club with my phone.

Got you, if you do, just hand her the phone, and say put your number in here cause I suck, then after she does I am gonna call you/text you so we can hang out and get to know each other, simple.

Then say hold on, and text her: “who is that good looking guy you are talking to?”

I usually get her laughing with that. Hope it helps.

Remember numbers do not mean shit and should never be the goal, unless heavy chemistry, heavy vibe, tons of investment from her parts, dance floor bubble etc…







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