How to kiss a girl (my shut the fuck up routine)

silenceHere is a very easy routine to make out with the girl, I will call this routine “the shut the fuck up” routine so here is how it woks:

Step 1: You are talking with the girl and the sexual tension, attraction, vibe and buying temperature is there.

Step 2: She is talking (if you are a good seducer the girl should be qualifying herself to you, and you should be just looking at her making her a bit uncomfortable, with your sexual eye contact) sometimes girls ramble and get uncomfortable cause they do not know how to deal with the sexual tension.

Step 3: With your right hand make a number 1 sign with your “index finger” and make a “shh” sound.

Step 4: As she is talking simultaneously with the “shh” sound, place your index finger on her mouth.

Step 5: Keep the finger for about 1-3 seconds (has to be fast), as you are gradually taking of your finger and going for the kiss (this has to happen simultaneously).

Step 6: Kiss and make out.

Now this is just one of many ways, still my favorite to this day is the classical “triangular gazing”, here is the definition from

AKA triangulating Quick Definition: The act of getting into a sexual state by looking from a woman’s eyes down to her lips, in a triangular pattern. Full Definition: Triangular gazing is a way to set the tone for a kiss through subcommunication and body language. By usingtriangular gazing, a PUA can subtly and nonverbally let his target know that he is interested in kissing her. And, if she seems receptive, go in for the kiss.

You can see a sample of Triangular Gazing in minute 6.42 of this video:

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