I don’t want to fuck destroyer (last minute resistance destroyer)

girl-with-thumb-downFirst let me start by saying that guys that are good with women, hardly ever if ever encounter last minute resistance. The reason is because they escalate, screen right, and are very sexual. Best way to avoid any type of last minute resistance is with a massage. But if the massage is not available or you are in a last minute resistance situation and the massage did not fly. This routine i heard from Gunwitch while helping a newbie may help, he referred to it as time distortion:

you tell her “isnt it weird how you can be totally wanting to do something, and hold out and hold out, then 3 years later you look back at all the enjoyment you had, and think “wow, I coulda had that right away and I held out and wasted all that time before just letting go and having fun like I wanted”




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  • me says:

    You say to her: “Well, I guess happiness hasn’t been invented for all of us”… and leave the ball bouncing on her field…

    That line has gained me an anal once.

    Good fuck!

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