Am I a “monster” for teaching guys success with women???

TAN208_106.tifAs I was at chilli’s watching the Dolphins game my scheduled date comes in, we will call her hot babe fitness (cause her body is like a fitness instructor), after saying hi and giving me a kiss, the unload out of left field comes full force:

hb fitness:”Don’t you feel bad for what you do, there isn’t something more worth while and meaningfull, there are children starving and in pain in the world?

Me: Ah what? wtf?

hb fitness: I found your blog, so you used me?

me: ah, wtf, most women have no problem with my blog, did you enjoy your time with me? did you enjoy my company? did you enjoy my presence? did you enjoy the multiple orgasms?????

Hb fitness: yes, but blah blah blah you are teaching guys to be players

me: No! most of my students are sweet souls, nice guys that at one point or another were heart broken and destroyed cause they were NOT ATTRACTIVE ENOUGH, including myself, what i do is to teach guys to be ATTRACTIVE, I teach them how to dress, how to work out, how to behave in a way that is not repulsive, creepy, a turn off….

If you meet any of my exes they will tell you how I totally improved their lives, a lot of them became hotter, more financially successful, more confident DIRECTLY DUE TO ME AND MY INFLUENCE.

Have you ever broken a guys heart?

hb fitness: yes I am getting divorce tomorrow. And when I was 24 this guy after a year propose marriage to me, and i told him no, he totally did not take it well and I broke his heart…

me: BINGO! if that dude would have been my student, he would not have gone through that cause the reason you told him no is simply cause he was not attractive enough for you. Any one of my student has tattooed in their dicks that men like freedom and women like containment, women are the ones that should be ASKING, HINTING, PURSUING MARRIAGE, not the dude

Besides, you are complaining cause I am seeing multiple women, NOBODY EATS AT AN EMPTY RESTAURANT, do you want to be the one I pick from many, or do you want to be the one I pick cause you are the best I could get, I do not have the skills to replace you or get someone else better than you, or do you want me to pick you cause out of all the girls I like you best???

hb fitnesss: but… but… but….10 minutes later as she is having a lot of pain in her arm (she pinched a never or some shit), I fucked the shit out of her, AND HER PAIN IS GONE… She is super happy and though she has to wake up early in the morning, she takes all the time in the world to leave (cause she does not want to leave)…

Guys as Tyler says the only thing creepier than learning how to get women is not knowing how to get women.

My friend lets call him “neighbor lawyer” is the creepiest dude ever, and he is repulsive to women. Of course he thinks is because he does not have enough money/success and that is what women do not want to be with him… (Total rationalization)

He has not taking the time to learn how to be attractive and how to get women, he totally sucks, as soon as he gets the money he will be screwed over and it will just be a matter of time.

By the way a couple of months back, I met a very cute nice girl name “Stephanie”,  and I dump all my girls,  try to be as “average Joe with typical courtship” etc…   =  Not only did I waste my time and her time,  I never even fucked her. Now this is me, a veteran of 20 years experience saying: “fuck all the shit i know that works” “fuck all my successes with women” “fuck everything” I will do it HER WAY, so I did the what women think they want game = TOTAL DISASTER.  The fact is that women think that what they want is what get their juices flowing but we all know THAT DOES NOT WORK.

Now if you watch the news you will know all these politicians, entertainers, movie directors etc… aka men in position of power and money going down cause they did not know the right way to go about things…

See at work, capoeira, gymnastics I have plenty of girls that like me, but I teach not to mess around with girls you work with, see if those dudes were following this blog they would have avoided those situations and/or if they were in those situations they would have seduced those girls the proper way…

This is a discussion from a dude just like my neighbor lawyer, the fitness hottie and the way every average Joe thinks:

Average Joe:

A few weeks ago I realized I don’t even remember all the women I had somehow hooked up with a little over those ten years, I seem to have forgotten a lot of the short encounters where all I did was kiss someone and then never hear from her again later on, or have someone in my bed and then fucking it up (or realizing how I didn’t want to fuck this woman in the first place but now she’s here so what do I do next?). I’ve had quite a few awkward situations in all these years, but I’ve noticed they become fewer lately. I also seem to have been drawn to slightly or hardcore psychotic women for some reason for a long time, this kind of attraction is subsiding now too, and nowadays I meet more women who are at maximum slightly insane (something I still enjoy to a point because it usually also means they are open-minded). I’ve actually had sex (if you do not count a lot of just playing around with each other) with perhaps 10-15 women in my life so far, much less than some of you guys. I know more would easily be possible if that was my goal and I put in the work.

At this point in my life though, fucking more or better quality women simply isn’t a real priority for me. I have two of them around who seem kind of ok with our situation (although I admit it’s far from perfect with my main still living quite far away from me atm). I’ll be turning 30 in about a year, and I’ve realized for myself that if I ever wanted to have kids, it was important to me to make sure I could earn money and work in a way that doesn’t annoy me for most of the time. Of course you can still change jobs or found a company when you have started a family, but I’d prefer to do it now where the only one who will have to suffer the consequences if I fuck up will be myself and not kids who can’t fend for themselves yet. So this is my main priority atm, figuring out the work part of my life to my satisfaction. If the situation with my main would change or with the secondary one, my priorities would probably change as well, but as there is some interesting progress of forming deeper relationships with each other pretty much every time we meet (also in a sexual way), I’m quite alright with focusing more on the other area of my life at the moment.

Now here is how one of the best seducer in the world name Teevester addresses the issue:
Your whole notion of “Quality vs Quantity” thing is somewhat an interesting phenomenon. From my time on forums I have noticed the following:
– Beginners always claim to wanting quality over quantity
– Intermediate wants quantity
– Pros usually never mention what they go after (they find this whole discussion silly), but when pushed they usually answef “quality in quantity”.Ask yourself the following 2 questions:– How can you get true quality girls when you haven’t developped the required skills to shoot for those special girls you like?
– How can you manage relationships with girls, especially with hot girls if you do not have an abundance of hot women (i.e. the skills to meet new girls) and the skills to properly manage relationships, which comes through gaining understanding of female psyche, which as you guessed, comes from experience with dealing with a higher quanityt of women?High quanitity of women will therefore:– Gives you more lays (duh)
– As a result of banging more chicks, chances are a higher number of them will be hot girls
– Give you better pick up skills – i.e. higher chances of scoring that super hot girl – that rare beauty. You CANNOT consistently score hot chicks if you have a 1/100 ratio. It just won’t happen.
– Banging some chicks will grant you the momentum that will grant you the energy and super power to actually manage to land your personal SHB11. This is the case for me, especially when having dealt with some bad momentum. This is also the case for sparxx and many other. Super hot women are a bit intimidating, which fucks up your overall vibe. Are you able to go to a club, go for the hottest girl who happens to be surrounded by people and pull her on the same night? If yes good for you, if no, you may accept that positive momentum (short term effect from pulling a lot) and better pick up skills (long term effect from pulling a lot) will in fact benefit your goal.So the conclusion is: banging more chicks will help you dramatically in banging HOTTER chicks (+ more chicks in general!)Additionally… becoming good in pick in general will…– Give you a deeper understanding on how women works – all women are different, the more women you have been with, the better overall understanding of women you will acquire (useful for relationships)
– The better your pick up skills, the more attractive you will become (higher frame control, more attractive personality, better state control) – hence useful for relationships too, if you plan keeping things hot.
– The better your pick up skills – i.e. the more you are able to fuck, the more you will gain a frame of abundance, which will make you the prize. Super key in relationships.
– The better your pick up skills, the less it will suck when a relatioship goes sour – and it will, one way or another.Bottom line: becoming good in pick up is key if you want to become good with relationships.
In order to becoming good in pick up, you have to bang many girls.Bang more girls. 
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