A must have sex toy, introduction to the pocket rocket

pocket rocketHere is a cheap sex toy that cost about $35 dollars or maybe less, but it is a must have. I have bought or given this toy to all of my friends with benefits and girlfriends, it is amazing and will make sex just that much better. A lot of dudes are very insecure about women having vibrators or dildos and get jealous of the toys. That is weak and insecure beta behavior, she will not leave you for a dildo, but she will leave you for your insecure beta behavior. You should not judge women sexually on the contrary you should inspire them to open up sexually and explore their sexuality. Most of my women I manage to open them up sexually, I teach them to forget their silly societal programming and I introduce them to sexual stuff like: toys, bi sexuality, swinclubs, nude beach, orgies, porn etc… And you should to, women should view you as their sexual guru or sexual god.

The advantage of the pocket rocket is that as you are having sex with your partner she can use it. Again, you need to make her feel comfortable and be her cheerleader for her to use it. I always encourage my women to play with their clit while I am doing them or use the pocket rocket. Sometimes they feel uncomfortable to do that because usually they were with previous betas, so is your job to reassure them is ok. Anyways, here is a video on the pocket rocket and why is one of the best toys:


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