When is ok to apologize (tales from online dating)

apologyA lot of new guys and even some gurus think that “if you are alpha you should never apologize”…. Apologizing has nothing to do with being alpha or beta, a push over nice guy or a tough bad boy.

What? skills wtf are you talking about?

The difference between a beta or nice guy aka push over apologizing and a good guy, cool dude with boundaries or alpha apologizing has to do with the CONTEXT.

In other words a nice guy/ beta push over, apologizes to appease, avoid confrontation and more importantly to avoid conflict with the other person, specially women since he does not want to risk losing her. (I had a lawyer neighbor that was exactly like this, Keith if you are reading this pay attention).

An alpha apologizes when he is in the wrong; However, you have to be very careful. My last 2 girlfriends would be in the wrong for something they did that was violating my boundaries. When I brought the issue to their attention they would ignore the issue, and change the subject to something I did wrong in the past, that had nothing to do with what they did wrong with the goal to avoid accountability.  A lot of women like to do this stuff, this causes tons of problems in relationships one of the many reasons I am not longer with them.

Let me give you an example of a nice guy/beta behavior vs an alpha/good guy with boundaries behavior.-

Me: Why do you come to my house unannounced, this is unacceptable, please do not do it again and get back in your car and come to me when we both agree that you can come, like adults.

Hot babe: But I called you, texted you and left you messages and you did not respond.

Now here is how a beta/nice guy answers vs. how I, as masculine alpha dude with boundaries would answer.-

Beta: omg, i am so sorry you are right, please forgive me, i will make it up to you, i was busy and did not see my phone, it will not happen again, i am sorry babe!

^ What this does is reinforced bad behavior, and leaves the girl off the hook with no accountability… This also make the girl lose respect and lose attraction.

How I handle it:

Me: The reason I did not answer your texts, voicemail and phone calls is because I was closing a huge deal with a client and is disrespectful to the client in a middle of a transaction to be picking up the phone; However, this is unacceptable, I told you to not come to my crib unannounced, do me a favor get back in your car, call me, and if I am not busy and I decide to see you then you can come once I agree…

Now, here she would try to play the victim and shift accountability (my last 2 mains were huge in doing shit like that, which is why again, one of the many reasons I am not with them and would never be with them again).

Now that does not mean that when I genuinely made mistakes (and trust me, I made a lot of mistakes) I would not be humble and apologize, it is a sign of maturity.

Hot babe: I told you to please be on time to go to my family gathering you are 30 minutes late they like to start at 6 pm.

Me: baby you are 100% right, i am on latin time, I am truly sorry and i will make it up to you and in the future i will try to be on time, you have all the right to be angry at me, I love you! please forgive me.

^ See in the second scenario I was 100% on the wrong since I was late to my girl special family event, in such case apologizing Is not alpha or beta or whatever, is the right thing to do, CAUSE I AM CLEARLY IN THE WRONG. This makes the relationship stronger, and the girl will not lose attraction or think you are a beta or pushover.

But, here is the best example, as you may not know, I am field testing online game (after suggestion by players to try different territories and online, their advice was spot on, I am amazed at my result so far).

Anyways, I am talking to 2 girls and after getting suggestion of what to do online, I reverted to my strength which is trolling with sexting…(I will do an online journal soon)… In other words I got the women off the dating sites and into texting via google voice…

I am working 2 girls (one a doctor and one a surgical nurse), and got them to the point were they both asked me out… but the doctor texted me a pic of her playing with her pussy with the juices on her fingers…. So dumb fuck skills, texted a dick pic TO THE WRONG GIRL….

So after she blocked me yesterday she texted me this:

wrong dick pic girl: Well I guess that’s a good morning salute. Although I thought I was gonna be a pic of a cup of joe.

me: I am truly embarrassed and that pic was a million % accidental, i do not do dick pics, anyways, i was texting a friend and i told him to grow some balls about a situation were he was being a pussy… Anyways, i am surprised you even texted me, again it was not meant to be for you… I will punish paco with one week of no tv…again my apologies and please delete it…

wrong dick pic girl:No worries. I thought it may have not been for me however I’m not deleting it. I’m adding it to the my collage. U can be Mr Capricorn in the Calendar … Now u owe me 2 coffees. Small price to pay

me: i am so embarrassed, please no more tease i don’t feel i will be able to ever look at you in the eye, brb hanging myself

wrong dick pic girl:It’s fine. No worries, Anyway. Happy Friday





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