Why society makes one night stands and single night lays complicated!

one night standHere is a typical scenario and why one night stands/single night lays are sometimes difficult for guys, this will help you understand the “typical” women mindset…. This is what goes through most women heads:


I have the same problem, a lot of girls that  I have fucked and I do not call back right away or don’t want to see till a month later or 6 months later or never. It is not because they did anything wrong per se. The reality is that I am not that into them, could be I just wanted a single night lay or a one night stand or they are not hot enough or i did not like how they suck my dick or I did not like their personality, or I did not like her smell or __________________________________________________ (fill in the blank reason). But just as puas that can not understand it is not their “game” but the girl was not sexually available or he is not just her type….Women mentally masturbate thinking they did something wrong.

A lot of guys have a hard time getting single night lays and one night stands. You can maximize the odds of getting both by going for down to fuck women as explain in that post. Guys you need to understand that a dude getting one night stands and single nights lays is awesome! You are looked as a ladies man, a playboy, a pimp,  a mack, an mpua etc… But for women unfortunately it sucks for many reasons:

1.- It destroys her social value in society and specially in the eyes of the friends. ( I do not agree with this, and I think is retarded but is factual)

2.- She probably has been fucked and dump many times by a cool player so she is traumatized.

3.- Every stupid ass women magazine is teaching them to “Make a dude wait if you want a relationship” specially stupid ass shows like “The Millionaire Matchmaker” ( a show were hardly anybody ever hook up)

4.- Territorial alphas, exes, brothers, dads, churches etc… Keep hammering the societal programming of “a good girls do not give it up easy”.

5.- Pregnancies and stds.

6.- Fear of Safety.

7.- Faulty game strategy, though in part they are kind of right with “normal” type dudes, no with secret society dudes/lovers/players. (let me not sleep with him so he does not think I am slut and take me serious).

8.- Shame and guilt. (Chick logic)

9.- She is not Sexually Available.(period, has not shaved etc…)

10.- Faulty assumption of love=sex.

Anyways, a lot of the new breed of players deal with stuff like the above by kicking women out, anger, frustration, hopelessness. Which is the wrong way to deal with that, first thing you need to do is to lead, second is to be aware that women are not dudes and calibrate to her emotions, then be her coach:

a.- Talk to her about how you understand women and what they go through and how unfair it is for women, talk about your secret society credential and philosophy without sounding like a nerd, just like casual conversation. Do not use this as a tactic, but again coach her and educate her.

b.- Always come across as Secret Society/lover/seducer in other words a dude that gets her and understand the why she is acting the way she is and call her out on it SMOOTH not ADVERSARIAL, but showing empathy and understanding. Take that opportunity to coach her on society, sexuality, read pill and how with you are different and you see things different.

c.- Be lay back outcome independent and always assume that sex will happen with her.

d.- Do not  pay attention what women say just pay attention to what she does with her actions and body language, but let them relax, give them space. Many girls have been so cold with me like a freaking refrigerator when I am with them in their apartments to jump on my dick and go wild 15 minutes later. DO NOT BE PUSHY but be a bit smooth persistent (kind of like playing stupid).

e.- Arousal, Arousal, Arousal. Did i say Arousal, sexual arousal trumps everything, arouse her with your masculinity,presence, actions and my secret weapon MASSAGE. I can not emphasize how important is to get to give women massages, god! I know i sound like a broken record but if you massage and transition to erotic massage, you will get laid.

In conclusion this is a good thing, 20% of the dudes fuck 80% of the women including some of the 20% that are taken, why? cause women can get laid and get one night stands whenever they want if there is a hole it will be filled, but they will only get fucked by those dudes that GET IT.  The rich gets richer and the poor gets poorer in other words guys that get women will keep getting women, the ones that don’t won’t, sorry, you can always fap to porn.





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