Polarity role in seduction

plarizationLately i have been thinking a lot about polarity and seduction since is not a topic that is covered much, but i believe is super important. I have hooked up with many women by being polarizing; But anyways, I want to talk about the topic and how powerful it is in seduction, to keep relationships, work and life in general.

What is polarization:

Polarity: the state of having two opposite or contradictory tendencies, opinions, or aspects.
“the polarity between male and female”

For me polarization is displaying your raw self even if is not popular, is different and you are taking many risks including losing your prospects, your job, your friendships, your girl,looking bad etc…. Polarization will help you convert many women, lose a lot of women( not really), and make neutral women make a decision about you. However, just like vulnerability is not to be used as a TECHNIQUE. It has to be part of who you are.

Some popular polarizing figures like them or not are: Donald Trump, Howard Stern, Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Really, Whoopi Golbert, Bill Maher, Russell Brand.

Some polarizing figures in the Community:  Me, Jws, slyone, Mark Manson, Stelar, Good Looking Loser,Aaron Sleazy,Steve Jabba, Blackdragon, Mode One, NWP, Teevester, Gun,$matteo, most rsd instructors specially Julian, jeffy and Tyler Durden.

The advantages of polarization are:

1.- You will come across blunt/raw different which in most cases is attractive. Specially with women and bosses that are used to yes men, ass kissers, betas, providers.

2.- You will polarize women, especially the ones in the maybe, yellow, neutral to make a decision fast about you and specially when it comes to sex.

3.- You will become really popular really fast.

4.- You come across as passionate, exciting, interesting, different.

5.- A lot of women will get turn on by you being polarizing (most bad boy naturals are very polarizing, comes across as you do not give a fuck of what other people think of you).

6.- Some people will appreciate your honesty and you will gain their respect fast, specially bosses, clients and women which in turn will make them TRUST YOU (bingo see where i am getting).

I may think of some more as they come to my head, so may edit later.


1.- It could cost you friendships, relationships, jobs, getting banned and people will not like you right of the gate. But the twist is after a while they may convert, and they usually do, and they will befriend you after they hated you. However, this disadvantage usually happens with mainly with people that are not CALIBRATED ENOUGH.

2.- You may come across as highly emotional, dramatic, troll in some cases. Again this can be avoided with calibration, common sense and good people skills.

3.- Some people may over do it and/or use as a technique/persona.

4.- If you do not have enough experience you may come across as a fucking ASSHOLE, in a bad way, and is not attractive. So there is a learning calibration curve.

5.- Some people may avoid getting into discussions with you or get shady with you cause they do not want to deal with your polarizing persona.

6.- Some people may mistakenly label polarization as needy, dramatic, highly sensitive.

Key points:

· You have to have a strong belief in your principles, ideas, philosophy etc…

· You can not be afraid to lose your job, girl, friendship, popularity, getting banned etc… Remember in seduction for example “To get a girl you must be willing to lose a girl”.

· You have to be calibrated to people feelings, is ok to be wrong and apologize, it is ok to be sensitive if you think you are crossing the line. Ex. If in facebook they are talking about a beautiful wedding that a friend of you had. You are not gonna jump in and say marriage does not work blah blah, you are an asshole and an idiot, in this situation. Being polarizing is not a license to be an imbecile.

· polarization and vulnerability go hand in hand, so if you get a girl a friend a client etc… They will be the real deal, cause they are establishing a relationship with the TRUE YOU, which is why is so powerful and attractive in itself.

· Encourage women and friends to be blunt, vulnerable and polarizing with you.

Some samples of polarization in the forum:

Blackdragon owns a polygamy forum, most of the guys here are probably his followers, most guys here are poly. He is talking about marriage does not work for many reasons. Here comes Money Matteo, risking looking bad in a forum full of poly people, risking maybe getting banned, risking looking beta or soft. And say, “dude marriage works for me, here is why”. Now he is not saying that as a “technique”. That is really his life he is married and he believes in mono. Get me? that is a sample of polarization and vulnerability.(true story)

Some samples of polarization in my relationship:

my gilfriend: “i want to get married, i want kids, i want you to stop clubbing, i want you to be a baptist.”

me: i respect that and i love you and want to be with you, but i don’t want kids, i don’t want to get married, and i am going clubbing whenever i feel like. That was not the real convo but it was the sub-communication, I don’t have time to got through the whole history but lets say that at the end, she changed her mind about EVERYTHING, and i made her become polarizing herself, which has helped her tremendously in her life. (true story)

Some sample of polarization at work:

Everybody kissing boss ass in company xyz. I had a strong feeling of things that were wrong in the company, and how to improve the sells. Everybody and their mother knew that, but they were to scare of going to the boss and talk to him about it, cause they were yes people afraid to lose the job. In a meeting i raise my hand and brought up everything that was in everybody’s mind, and what needed to be done. They implemented my strategies, and i made him and everybody more money. After, he offer me to be the manager of the sells team. (true story).

Some examples in polarization dating This is a sample reflecting numerous situations i have been in, these are re-enactments:

Hot Girl: how about we get to know each other, lets go out to dinner.

me: Sorry i don’t do dinners, is what everybody else does, you order food, she orders a salad and say”i am watching my weight” takes 2 bites and I am stuck with the bill,  for me is boring. How about we do something fun like renting a movie, or dancing, I hate dinners.

^ that is not a technique is how i actually feel…

Hot Girl: I am not that type of girl i like to get to know somebody blah blah.

me: there are many ways to get to know somebody it does not have to be dinner, actually people when they do dinner or traditional dating are fake versions of themselves and on their best behavior, you do not know what you got till 6 months to a year in the relationship. How about we rent a movie and i give you a massage and we get to know each other, i will answer whatever you want, you will see you are gonna have a blast vs. a boring ass dinner.
or this one is common too:

Hot Girl: I don’t have sex, you don’t even know me.

me: I do, your name is Sussan, you have 2 kids, mike and steve, they are 14 and 8. You love tennis, you are a nurse, working 2 shifts, you moved 3 months ago here from maine, your ex is an asshole, you are leo, and you have a crush on skills.

Hot Girl: wowow, i am impress you remember all that, you pay attention.

me: yes cause i like you and you like me too, But you are scare that if you fuck me too fast i am just gonna use you and believe you are not gf material. However, what you do not understand is that sex is not big deal to me, for me to have to have sex with someone i have to like them as who they are, i can have sex with anybody i want when i want. I don’t want to get to know you like you and 3 months from now have sex with you and then hate the sex and dump your ass. Having sex with you now on in 2 years do not make a difference and i will not judge you blah blah(teevester/td secret societyspeech), tired of typing . Done! i fuck them right away.

^ this is a very common scenarios of women I have been with sexually.

Polarization in friendships: many examples but you guys already get the point.

I want you to field test being polarizing, IT WORKS! but try for yourselves…

Let me close with a live sample of a polarizing dude that is very good with women:

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