Post club sex escape strategies

how-to-escape-a-3-who-the-fuck-one-night-4630062Every seducer has been there multiple times, you meet a hottie, you seduce her, you bang her and you want her to leave (if at your place) or you want to leave (if at her place).

Anyways, lately I have noticed I need more space than ever before which is one of the reasons I ended with my last main. See back in the days I really liked living with the girl and having girls sleepover … Now I have done a 360 and really enjoy being alone a lot.   Women tend to affect my “productivity and flow”.  I really like living alone ( I lived with women most of my adult life even though I had my own places). Some of the reasons for this are women are loud, messy(super clean but disorganized go into any women car post a club night and they will always say “sorry for the mess”, it is a car closet) and to be honest a bit annoying…. As you guys know I am a minimalist, extremely organized, and in my bachelor pad  everything is organized and in order.

The other problem is that I need to work on my business or do some productive activities, here is a seducer with a similar issue:

This is something I have been thinking about recently. Having a woman sleeping over can be nice, but for the reasons you mention, I often want to sleep alone. An other reason for this is that having a woman sleeping over, waking up with her, having a shower and breakfast together, gives the interaction a bit of a relationship vibe and I might not want this.

During the week I usually have to work the next day and waking up with a woman, would slow me down. When they sleep over I would throw them out at 7am anyway, so it is better to say good bye in the evening.

I usually say that I want to get up early and tell her a bit about the task I have to do the next day –- like giving a presentation, meeting a client –- but not too much. Sometimes they say: »No problem, I will get up early too.« In this case I tell her that this is not possible or I tell her that I don’t want to say good-bye in a rush tomorrow, when I have other things on my mind; so it’s better to part now in a relaxed mood.

An other way is asking her about her bus or train, telling her to walk her to the bus station or, if she lives close, to walk her home when it is late already.

If I really like her, I tell her that we have to organise a proper sleep-over on a weekend soon, vividly describing all the pleasures of a lazy Sunday morning in bed.

Usually I tell her to text me when she gets home and send her a short message back, which she will read before going to bed.

^ I totally can relate to that seducer, sometimes I am half asleep at work and/or if I go clubbing I am exhausted which affects my energy levels so my seductions suck tremendously.

So here we will discuss strategies by me and many of the best seducers in the world
Rude style:

1-) Are you leaving?

Bs style:

2.- I have to wake up early tomorrow is getting late…

3.- Or simple get dress then leave and go to a near by supermarket or go to a corner for a bit and then come back.

4.”Omg what time is it ? I have to go i got to work tomorrow”. A lot of acting involved.

Here is one of my favorite seducers Pureevil on how he handles it:

I mostly schedule overnights. . but I tend to use “hey I’m gonna have to kick you out soon” with a fun lighthearted humorous tone when I want them to go. This tends to create a nice little post-sex spike, they tend to snuggle up more for a bit, and then I’ll have to pull the trigger 10-15 minutes later and they bounce. “You kicking me out now?” becomes a funny-type “thing” they’ll ask about from that point forward on other visits, “when you kicking me out this time?” or “how long do I have before you kick me out this time?” are a common questions, that they’ll laughingly ask.

I like it cause its “alpha,” but I’m also coming at if from a humorous and ironic angle. . the true, but funny, but true (you def gotta go), but funny (I’m doing it fake rude style for fun) sort of tone behind it. If that makes sense.

The problem is the “can I sleep over or you don’t mind if i sleep over” dilemma, it gets uncomfortable and I see the faces drop and a bit of hurt feelings…

So Pureevil help me out a bit with those 2 dilemmas:

Hot babe: Can I sleep over?

Me: I wish, not tonight.

If you are at their place just say: “I have to go soon” and you can insert a reason why (such as work, gym, errands etc..)



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