Proper Way To Club/Dance Floor Dating

clubdateYesterday a female friend of mine and a male friend of mine were both on different dates at the club. Both of them made tons of mistakes which is good, cause it makes for good blogging (which is the reason I keep going out and gaming unlike other so called dance floor teachers). Anyways, first if you follow my principles, we do not want to do any type of “traditional dating”; I talk about this in detail in my “how to properly set up a second date” post. Now, the best dating situation is to set up a date at your crib, that way is easy to transition to sex, which is the goal, since sex is the highest form of investment on the girls part. But, if the girl is not sold on the home dating thing (movie rental, video game, home cook dinner, wine etc…) specially if you do not follow my method of texting or if you met her online or whatever, it is ok to take her to a club and do my “dance floor style game” and then close her. It is very important to understand that taking a girl to a club is just a bridge to end up in a sexual location.

Second, you want to try to get the girl to drive if she is picking you up, I met tons of girls online that I took to swing clubs, clubs etc… I say “come pick me up, you drive and I pay” (blunt, confident and assuming the close).  This way I do not come across as a sugar daddy that pays for everything and she gets to invest by driving. Also, If she drives she has to drop you of at your CRIB (sex location) bingo! Get it!.

So lets’ assume you take a girl to a club, first thing you want to do is to take her to your territory, in other words, you want to go to a place were people know you, you got connections etc… The reason you want to be in your territory is that it gives you more control and give you a bit of status (remember women are attracted in part to status). So being seen as popular will help you. But I know many of you are new to the game or in a new city etc… So if you do not people that is fine, but MAKE SURE YOU DO NOT GO TO HER TERRITORY.  But skills why not? Cause in her territory you will be interrupted, by her friends, ex boyfriends, fuck buddies and you may have to audition to her friends. So, lets say you are the perfect dude and she likes you, but her friends do not like you or start talking crap etc… that right there could kill the deal, since women are easily influenced by her friends.

Following not going to her territory, ideally you do not want to go with your guy or female friends (in case you are a girl). But skills why? Cause usually 99.9% of the guys out there have no game and will fuck it up, will say something they should not say, will interrupt you, and worst may steal the girl from you, or she may like your friend more than she likes you (even if nothing happens is a distraction that takes focus away from YOU). ‘

So now you are in the club with your target girl you go in, you say hi to everybody and introduce her to people. You go to the bar and open a tab and order yourself a drink, say “I am thirsty i want to get water” or whatever you drink, “do you want anything?”, so that way you do not come across accommodating.  I believe you SHOULD PAY in this case (same applies to club cover) , so none of this 50/50 crap that a lot of gurus suggest, women do not like push overs, but then again they do not like cheap asses. So yes in this case you are not coming across like a pussy/nice guy if you pay, ideally you want to open a tab. Now I have taken couple of dates to a club, in my experience they average 1 drink max maybe 3 drinks. The reason you want to buy her  a drink is cause women are usually super self conscious and not relax at the club when they just get there, so you want to get them relax and to stop over calculating and analyzing everything. During the beginning of the “date”  till this point you do not want to be to eager and exited in her. Besides,poker face with max smirk is ideal,you want to have a neutral attitude on these stages so far, and she should be a bit wondering,” is he really into me or not?”.

Now they play a good song that is popular start dancing with her, and getting compliance micro escalating etc… All the shit I teach, but do it gradually, like you were seducing a new girl, even if you had made out and done stuff with her in the past (this apply to girls that you met previously doing my dance floor game). Now here is something that may happened here, she may act like she is not into you and kind of dance away like if she was not with you, and try to get OTHER MALE ATTENTION TO GET OPEN. Yes, women do this 50% of the time, it is what in the community we call “shit test” she is testing to see if you are man, congruent and to see if you give a fuck. When she does this, act normal, dance by yourself or open other girls (make sure those are girls that will not reject you). She will usually come back, make sure she does not see that you are being reactive to her dancing with other dudes, get jealous or giving a fuck. Another thing you can do is to act really exited that she is with the other dude, even push the dude to dance closer to her and more sexual. Usually what happens here, is that the other dude is going to get really exited,invested in her, try to seduce her and fuck it all up. At this point they always comes back.

Now ideally you do not want to be in the club more than 2 hours that includes driving, parking, going in etc… Cause you want to save your energy for the FUCK, get me? Also you do not want her buying temperature and excitement to cool off. If you follow my dancefloor game advise she should be ready and sexually aroused, plus she knows since she pick you up what may happened. However, some girls need and extra push, you can tell her that you want to show her something in youtube, or your acrobat gold fish, or whatever. What i usually do is tell them “come in for a second but only for 15 minutes i got a wake up early but i want to show you something” (do not say would you want to come in, or any of that begging crap). If she ask what it is? I say “you will see” or “it is a surprise”. I go into my apt. tell her to sit down and if she want something to drink?. Then I excuse myself for max 5 minutes and leave her alone in the couch, that way i take a bit of pressure off her, sometimes they want to use the bathroom.  So at this point I go change, wash my dick, brush my teeth, get in sports pants or shorts, muscle teacher or whatever and i come back with a massager (one of the cheap ones from the mall kiosk will post a picture at the end of the post) and tell her this is “awesome” i just bought it, tell me if you like it, and you can start massaging her back, which relaxes them, keep massaging them, take her to the bedroom, 15 minutes regular massage, then sexual type massage as I explain in my post “easiest way to guarantee sex“, then fuck her really good. It is important to kick her out after the fuck, but not right away, so they don’t feel used, but do not let them sleep over and do not sleep over cause it puts you into boyfriend territory.

Exhibit of the massagers I currently use:





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