“Do you remember me?”

guy girl at the clubAs you go clubbing you will meet a lot of women. Some you will forget that you actually met them, others you will no say hi to, for whatever reason. So a lot of the times girls will come up to me and ask: Do you remember me? If they are asking this, they are somewhat interested. So the best thing to do is to take that as an opportunity to go cocky/funny/sexual. Here is what I do always with tons of acting: First, I act very confused and then I asked: “did we do it?”  at this point they will playfully hit you, or laugh, or get embarrassed. Then, you keep with the confusion and ask Was I any good? . Anyways, by doing silly stuff you sub-communicate, that you are blunt, that you are fun, that you are sexual and that you are a dude that fucks women (lover).


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