Why sales, entrepreneurship and seduction go hand in hand

Boiler_Room_Selling_TechniquesA lot of you guys have pmed me with a variation of these questions, “skills what is a career that blends well with seduction?” or “skills why you say sales and seduction are similar”.

In this post I will explain why sales, entrepreneurship and seduction go hand in hand…

First, what are some of the characteristics of good seducers: they are charismatic, they are liked by MOST people, they are aggressive, they control the situation, they lead, they influence, they have alpha traits, they dress above average, they look above average,people look up to them, they work/hustle extremely hard, they find a way to deal with set backs,adversity, tough times, unpredictability, they ALWAYS find a way to deal with SHIT and THEY FUCKING CLOSE NIGGAS!.

^ Those are the exact same characteristics that you need to be an entrepreneur and a sales man ABC always be fucking closing niggas, telling is not selling, just like in seduction you  get that pussy, fuck all the shit she wants “I want a hubby” “I want a ring” “I want you to be nice”…  Me: “of course” but for now put my dick in your mouth, we will talk about all that later.

Most good seducers are also good salesmen and entrepreneurs, game is influence and is not for everybody, but for TOUGH GUYS/ROCKS inside and out… (Remember i know a lot muscular looking dudes that are beta pussies)

Most people that say sales and seduction do not go well, sometimes are guys that are good at seduction but do not know much about sales…

My pick up, relationships etc… are kind of identical on how I sell…

shit test= in pick up is women testing your congruence to see if you are the real deal or you are a fake and will crumble like a little bitch.

Objections in sales= Are clients kind of doing the same thing…They want to know if you are bsing about who you are, what can you deliver and if you stand by your product and service or if you are a scam artist full of shit.

In both instances you have to pass the shit tests, and/or the clients objections…

60 Years Of Challenge seduction book, is pretty much a sales book translated to pick up

Mystery, Style, Ross Jeffrey, Gunwitch do a lot of nlp and take things form sales books such as “Influence the Psychology of persuasion”. For example from that book mystery came out with the “social proof concept”…

I even do cocky funny with my clients, I closed a lady for a rental listing, and in every mirror of her house I was asking her “who is that good looking guy”.

Never mind that if I am selling to women my sales ratios go up way higher than if I am selling to a dude. (most of my female clients are attracted to me). Specially when they see me telling the beta husbands what is best for them and their families.

“I am the best”… I am super cocky when i sale… Just how sometimes I use trolling humor to get them to bed, I use the trolling humor to sell…

Just like I do not waste my time in seduction with women that are not into me… In real Estate I only deal with LISTINGS, in other words, I am the realtor that helps the seller or Home Owners sale their house, I always turn down everybody that wants to buy a house… “Donald Trump” can call me to help him buy a 5 million dollar house, I would turn him down without blinking. Why? cause realtors that deal with buyers or people looking for rentals waste tons of time and gas driving people around. I don’t do none of that shit, I am the dude that realtors and clients call cause they are INTERESTED in the house I am selling or renting and they COME TO ME… I am extremely efficient with my time, and this causes trouble cause people sometimes think I do not want to work with them (my co-workers for example beg me to help them find a house) and I turn them down.

But Just like my seductions I work 0 to minimally and I fuck a lot women in Real Estate I make a lot of money with minimal effort.

TLDR, My point is sales and pick up is influence…

You have a product (you)

a target (customer) hot babe

numbers game (women in seduction and clients in sales)

you screen (interested) (maybe) (reds) In real estate sales (people that are willing to sell or rent the house with Me, I screen out people that are LOOKING to buy or rent a house)

you are efficient (spend most effort in greens), I spend my time with Owners/property managers/investors instead of buyers/renters

you address objections (anti slut defense and shit test in pick up and objections in sales)

and you close = money in sales = pipi in vagina in seduction


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