Going out alone (sarging) advantages and disadvantages

Ok a lot of people have question specially newbies about going out alone, I will talk to you about the pros and cons and my experience through out the years (my opinion): SARGE—1. verb: to pick up women, or to go out to try and meet women. SARGER—noun: a person who picks up women; a member of the pickup community.  There is not a right or wrong way, it is what you are comfortable with and makes YOU happy… When i started 20 years ago kind of a chode, i wanted to hang out with guys that got women, so i experimented with different groups of guys to see how they got women, gansters, surfers, rockers, drug heads(even though i never touched drugs),preps, naturals etc… Most of them were full of shit, bull shit artist(they barely got girls). The reason i am telling you this is cause if you hang out with the wrong crowd or bs artists, it will delay your learning curve or technique; then i hung out with an african american natural named #1, hanging out with someone that was good with women cut out my learning curve by probably years and kind of change my life… After accidentally going to a party and discovering dance floor game i hung out with couple of guys that were decent(they only got girls cause they dance, no much skills).. Here is my opinion on the advantages of sarging with guys:

1.- if they are attractive then guilt by association you will be attractive since you are with them(same tribe)

2.- if they get girls then some of those girls have friends and women have group mentality so if some of them hook up you may hook up…

3.-You look social if they are cool and like you are having a good time which is attractive

4.- Sometimes all of you challenge each other and compete and it makes you more confident in some cases and forces you to approach and hook up.

5.- they can drive so you do not have to.

6.- You spend time with friends you enjoy and bond…

7.- If the dudes are social and good with women will help your learning curve and technique since is a live presentation of pick up, real time.


1.- If they are low statue/value whatever you call it or making mistakes in their game constantly you may get the guilt by association and you may be looked as low statue by some women.

2.- If you want to go to another club, party or you hooked up, they may bother you or not let you since you drove or they are your ride, so sometimes is decision by the group which kills some of your freedom..

3.- sometimes a bunch of guys together will have trouble going in, into a high end club, the too many dudes not good for the club syndrome..

4.- if they fight (only takes one of the members you have to jump in)..

5.- if they are limited amount of women, you may have to fight for the same women, and for a dude, for example like me, i do not compete, it may fuck with my game.

6.- ^ follow up which is a continuation of 5, when i am with a girl i do push pull, so i am aggressive sexual, then i do take away, and ignore and step back and no pay attention sometimes to raise buying temperature( if you do not agree irrelevant i am trying to make a point), sometimes while doing something like this, your friend may fucked up your game by stepping in. For what i heard some rsd people do shit like that to each other, which i think is retarded, but anyways..

7.- If they are having an off night or full of negativity or they put you down, it will affect you…

8.- If they suck at getting girls or being social, you will learn bad fundamentals, bad technique etc..

9.- Sometimes envy or guys trying to high jack your success or put you down, even your friends. For example i had a friend that for years use to tell girls i was a player behind my back and i never knew it ( so he can play good cop and get the girl)…Also he would try to ridicule me and make fun of me to the point i felt uncomfortable when i was learning to dance… Now that i look back he was trying to remind the top dancer.

10.- You may get girls for validation instead of chemistry to impress your friends.

So my personal opinion the best system is a bit of both, what i love is to go out ALONE, drive my own car, and have my friends at the clubs etc.. But be kind of independent, we hang out, but we are not exclusive, i do my thing without permission, and i can do my banishing act, and they do their thing… Going out alone has many advantages since women and groups of women are less intimidated to open you, specially if you dance, or if you are attractive. However if is a 2 set and you are about to fuck the other girl may feel like a third wheel, and fuck everything up, but if you have a bad wing with no game it is the same as you being alone for that left out girl.

What going out alone is not:

1.- Being antisocial

2.- Acting like you are lost and do not belong.

3.- Freaking out and being inadequate cause you are alone.

4.- Not knowing people in the venue(You will start knowing people after couple of times you go to the same clubs) Hope it helps since i see at least 10 post a week about sarging alone…It is not big deal I LOVE IT! The last few weeks i have a dude that i am teaching following me around and i hate it (my results not as good as if i was alone, for the guilt by association reason), he loves it since he is improving.



  • ObeyX says:

    Beautiful advice, I’m a promoter for a nightclub primarily black club, I hang with mainly girls and rarely hang with the guys, I notice that girl-wings (Not all but some) girl wings don’t cockblock and are perfectly okay with you making out with girls in the club and/or hooking up with girls after.

    Looking forward to guys who have experience with women-wings, lol i have no idea what to call it but it works like a charm, girls really have no jealousy in certain circumstances (sexual jealousy a whole diff topic lmao.)

    Fantastic Article man.

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