How to seduce women on the club stage

coyote_20uglyThere are different types of women that go on the club stage or poles depending on the club setting, usually guys are not allow to go up the stage or pole and if they do they get kicked out of the club or asked to step down:

1.- Professional dancers: They work for the club and go to stage to dance they dress pretty sexy almost naked. They are a waste of time and is a no go, trust me on this, your time can be better spent in more accessible women.

2.-  Shot girls: They are a level below professional dancers but they are extremely hot as well, they are also almost naked. You buy a shot when they are on stage and they will give you the shot in some sexual way. Another big waste of time.

3.- Attention Whores: An attention whore is a girl that is there to get attention, validation and feeling of importance. They love all guys giving them tons of attention and rejecting them.

Since my blog is about efficiency and getting laid I will focus all my attention on the attention whores… So this is usually what happens if you read the club dynamics section on my book, I talk about the club timing. Usually these girls will go on stage around 12:30 – 1:00 am after they have gotten a bit warmed up, couple of drinks in their system, the guys are starting to approach with no game and the bitch shield is going up and up.  Ok, ideally we do not want to focus on these girls while they are on stage, so you should focus on the other girls in the dance floor and avoid playing to the attention whores game. Most losers will stand facing them with their mouth open around them salivating, you do not want to do this, cause you are wasting precious time that you could be using on other girls,  the other women are seeing this behavior and lowers your coolness, plus makes you look desperate. Now, here is the problem and I have been there, if the club has poor target selection, sometimes I have no choice but to try to get the stage girl/s.  Here is how I do it, I force and approach invite either by encouraging them to dance or me dancing from the bottom of the stage with them in a sexual way (this one is my most effective one), or me doing some silly sign like doing the cross with my hand or by putting my hands up like wow, my whole point is to force a reaction, since I am really good at reading approach invites and body language, I will make an intelligent guess if I have a chance or not.  Then what i want to do is get them off the stage in a smooth way to dance with me (this is key), now you want to do it at the right timing, if she just went on stage is not the right time, you got a wait a bit. Now you do not want to stay there for ever waiting, you need to do all this shit fast, as I keep saying time is the most important aspect of club game, you do not want to waste time with a girl that is not going any where. Attention whores or girls on stage should be the last resorts if there are no other girls to open in the club. Out!


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