How to seduce women that are part of your social circle, roommates, co-workers, classmates and the likes.

friendsI get ask many times what is the best way to seduce people in your social circle (for the purpose of this post we will call social circle women that you will see on a consistent basis in a group) ______________________  (co-workers, friend ex, friend sister or family member, classmates, ex girlfriend friends etc…), and my answer always is “you do not shit where you eat”.  By you getting involve in those scenarios all you are doing is inviting to your life tons of stress, drama and lost of friendships, jobs etc… It is just not worth it.

That is why I always advocate to get good at cold approach pick up, if you are a beginner and social circle is your goal. Start by seducing total strangers before you even attempt to seduce women in your so call “social circle”. By following this approach you have less of a chance to fuck it up, specially when you do not know what you are doing. But, there is another advantage to that which is, by the time you get good at cold approach pick up (gaming total strangers) and you get back to your social circle, you will probably change your mind since you will have tons of girls, so by that point you will be like “this shit ain’t worth it”.

I have witness from people that did not follow this advise: loss of students(in my martial arts group), loss of income, stress, drama, loss of reputation, loss of licenses, loss of job, death and injuries (due to physical fights). As I keep saying learn how to be good with women and have and abundant life style or mindset so you do not have to resort to desperate measures that will result in tons of stress, drama and other horrible consequences.  I know what you are gonna ask: skills you do not have a social circle? I do have a social circle through capoeira (brazilian martial arts that involves dance and acrobatics) and yes the women that practice capoeira are above average in terms of hotness. But guess what? In almost 15 years of me doing capoeira I have not gotten involved with any of the girls by choice and I have gotten tons of invitations. My teacher is one of the best natural seducers I have ever seen and one of the best capoeristas in the world.  However, I have witness how my group went from 500-1000 students to about 50 to 100. One of the reason and a contributing factor is he was getting involved with the students and students hooking up with each other.

Moreover, I lost two close friends by getting involve with their sisters, thanks god it was when I was a young punk, so I learned early on. Also, in my book I talk about how when I was around 17-18 I hooked up with a co-worker in Kenny Roger Rosters, again tons of stress and drama.

So what is the right way to use the social circle? good question.  There are couple of ways to use social circle correctly. One is to use the social circle as pre-selection and social proof as a bridge to seduce other women outside the circle. In other words they will be like “oh shit the dude is cool and popular so if he were to open me I will be cool instead of shutting him down”.  The second way to use social proof, it is for some guys that are looking for a long term monogamous relationship or marriage. They can get to know the girl, get an idea on her how she is and date her, since he is not looking to date multiple girls. In this case is ok, the problem is if you were to break up, then the situation becomes very uncomfortable and one or the other may have to leave the group and lose a lot of the friendships of that group, since a lot of them will take sides, which sucks.

Finally, lets say you or the girl you are interested in, will leave the social circle, then you can game her after she leaves the social circle or job etc…

Anyways, if you are dumb enough and still want to have a some type of job affair, this video has some good tips:


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