Simple way to become very attractive and increase your sex appeal!

beardsIf you want to increase your looks one or two percentage points instantly, then grow facial hair.  And no, i am not talking about a homeless beard, i am talking about a professional stylish looking facial hair, preferably a beard.

They idea came to me accidentally when I posted a picture of me on facebook with a goatee, I got nothing but complements. However, I shaved it with the idea to look younger, and keep my resemblance to the actor “Vin Diesel”. Then i saw couple of pics of myself with a stubble, and I notice i looked better than clean shaved.

It was not till I read an article by the online guru name blackdragon were he was talking about a point system to increase getting laid. In that point system he gave points to dudes with facial hair. Here is the article:

I grew a beard and decided to go to a professional barber to make it stylish. When I got home my girlfriend went crazy, got needy and wanted to fuck me. So since she was happy and going crazy, I decided to keep it.

There are many reasons to get a beard specially if you do club game. First, it helps you peacock and stand out; But, more importantly a beard will increase your chances of getting laid, since it subcommunicates manliness and sex appeal.

Here are the top 10 reasons why women love facial hair (I currently have number 7 style in the list):

Here is Blackdragon take on Facial hair:

And here is a scientific study were women found more attractive men with facial hair over clean shaved dudes:


For those of you that are broke ass dudes, here is a video on how you can do it yourself:



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  • mk says:

    all these kids growing hair to look rugged, the problem is their gay hairstyles and clothes and body language and total metrosexuality. the girls don’t fall for the beard at all.

  • ObeyX says:

    KJ ^ ftw

    I regret shaving part of the hair of my chest and facial hair
    A women recently rubbed my chest and commented “Why did you shave your chest hair?”

    I was caught so off guard, but this is also a girl who finds very old looking alpha males attractive and thinks pretty boys/metrosexuals are total fags.

    Great post Skills.

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  • Ni Ca says:

    nice, i love growing out stubble, my boss at work has no proble, however im looking for a new job now, trouble is i prefer my own style and that id hate to be told to be clean shaved, it makes me feel lower valued, this is a problem for a lot of men i feel, i always want to have my own style instea of having some dickhead boss telling me to shave clean,

  • Niteride Mick says:

    All for one keeping your bead trim and tidy Come on triming your pubes and shaving your chest hair why Women like hairy men Iam hairy Ladies like it Who wants to look like a Nancy boy male model!!

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