Strategic positions to meet women in the clubs

strategic way to meet women at the clubI have been suggesting lately for guys to get good at cold approach to bring back fundamentals. Getting good at cold approach will help you in all aspects of your game and life long term.

With that being said the whole point/goal of cold approaching is to meet strangers, but there are more efficient ways to meet strangers and achieve cold approach results, especially in clubs/parties etc… Which is to put yourself in strategic positions to meet women in clubs.

One way is to be friends with the club staff and hang out with them to be in strategic positions they are in charge off, such as:

Dj booth: I remember back in the days hanging out with a friend that was a dj, by being there people in general and especially women open me in convo. By requesting song/songs.

Club entrance: I have many bouncers, promoters and doorman friends in clubs, just by me chilling with them, women come up for one reason or another, usually with questions, which makes it easy to get into conversations.

Street promoters: Following club entrance, sometimes you will have street promoters on the street giving wrist bands to typically hot people, couple etc… If you have a friend that is a promoter and you are hanging out with them, gives you a chance to interact with women, low key.

Bar tender: If you know a hot bar tender male or female a lot of eyes are on them, one time I was dating a bar tender, and she pretty much knew everybody, she would lend me her cell to look at pics/youtube etc… and women just by noticing I was friends with her, would open me.

Other ways that do not require knowing people are:

Hanging out by the club women bathroom: I know, I know, I know, it sounds pretty creepy, but by you hanging out near the women bathroom, it gives you a strategic advantage, to either get open and open women easily… There are always lines to go to women bathroom in popular clubs, sometimes she will meet you to try to get her into “the dudes” bathroom since she has to go, wink! Do I need to say more.

Of course being a good/decent dancer and if you are not, a subcommunications of having tons of fun dancing: As I said before, I usually get open an average of 3 times a night just by dancing and/or get tons of proximity (group of women that just come exactly next to me to dance).  CAVIAT. If you dance too much, your run the risk of:

1.- Becoming a dancing money.- Which is not attractive.

2.- Becoming used furniture.-  women will be like, ok I had enough of seeing this new shinny object” I am bored already, anything else. I like to use the example of the new girl at the high school or new dude (no homo), if an average girl or dude join for example your high school, youth group, job etc… There will be a bit of hype and interest, not due to hotness per se, but something not seen before.



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