The worst type of person learning seduction (newbie and/or intermediate player)

newbieThe worst type of newbies and intermediates pua/natural whatever you call it based on 5 years in the Secret Society Of Seducers (20+ gaming, 5 in the community):

#1. – The ones that waste your time and do not listen:
These dudes contact you, and then waste your time with their failures/problems and then you tell them what to do or who to contact and then they do not listen. Then they contact you back with the same problems, and you ask: Did you do what I told you? No, and they ask you the same problem.

#2. – The ones that are method robots: These ones are the ones that do not calibrate and follow any method without improvising and deviation as the situation requires it… Have the method adapt to you and your strength, no the other way around.

#3.- The instant gratification newbie: These dudes listen or follow someone that has been in the community for years and already got to the point were they are automatic/successful, and then in a weekend want to replicate what it took the other dude years of trial, error, and failures to achieve… Ain’t gonna happen… I call them “ the stellar groupies”.

#4. – The successful newbie/intermediate: These are the ones that achieve some type of success and think they know it all and they are mini gurus, failing to understand that there may be better ways, and what work for them may not work for someone else.

#5.- The keyboard jockeys: These are in some cases virgins, that read couple of books and post without having their own opinion or experience in the field.

#6.- The excuse makers: These ones will find any excuse not to fix their situation, especially when it comes to pick up. I do not have the looks, I do not like to read,I do not have the money, I live with my parents, I am Indian, I cannot go tanning cause I may get cancer (this one motivated me to write this post).

#7. – The fighter: There are 3 types:
A.-These newbies want to contradict and get into stupid ass fights because he think he is right cause he read something in a book without experiencing it.

B.- He has some experience and success but he cannot see himself relating or he does not think something someone else is doing can possibly work because he has never experience it or he says to himself “how can that be possible”.

c.- He gets into stupid fights for getting into stupid fights (usually validation), he fails to see that they are saying the same thing(these ones are actually the funniest fights), and/or his helping the person he is in fight with make his point.

#8.- The Taletent Mr. Repley: These are the ones that become someone else(they are not themselves at all) to achieve success, a lot of these guys become successful, but the problem is that they cannot keep a girl, once the girl find out they fell for someone else they are gone.

#9.- The routine Junkie: This guys want a line or routine for every type of situation. I remember when I was in the Chat room, guys posting a girl texted me “hi” what should I write back. True story.

#10.- The troublemaker: These are guys that put people that give them advise against each other, and like to talk crap behind others peoples back, this is the worst type of newbie/intermediate. A lot of these dudes end up in puahate.

Some solutions:
Be humble, create your on opinion, do research on the poster or guru, be humble again, go on the field and interact, go on the field and interact, go on the field and interact, did i say go on the fied and interact… Try as much as possible to incorporate aspects of the method to you and your personality, even if the guru says not to. For example, if I were to follow 60 yoc says no to be funny, no to makeout, no to text, my style is very similar to 60 I joke around a lot, I like to troll, I text, and I like to make out in the dance floor so I would incorporate some 60 but with my own stuff. Finally, DO YOU! That is what really works with women. There is no possible way you can fail if you interact with women and act as normal as possible, no way, it may take years, but there is no way it could fail, I guarantee it.

To the people giving advice: If you see any of these patterns do not waste your time. Very simple to do, you give advice, when they get back to you, you ask: ‘ did you do what i told you? if they happen to say no… I say “get back to me after you do what i told you”.


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