VIP flash game

vip 1Lately, I have gotten into couple of arguments with some dudes that claim that they hook up with women, using what I am gonna call “VIP flash game”.

So skills what is VIP flash game? good question, and here is the answer:

1.- Couple of dudes go to a club.

2.- Buy bottle service.

3.- Invite women to join their table or section in the club.

The claim is that they get what is called “social proof” and they look “higher value”, but in fact there is so much wrong with this type of game that i don’t even know were to begin.

First, this is very expensive lets run a mini budget and I am going to go super conservative and exaggerate to the cheap side, since usually here in South Florida in a club like liv it could got up to 2k, but I am gonna play cheap ass:

$10 dollars parking (usually $20 in South Beach)

$20 entrance

$75 bottle 1

$20 tip

$5 bathroom attendant

= 130

This is assuming you go to the cheapest club in town, and that you only get 1 bottle which is unlikely. Now, let say you are a dude that wants to get good with women, the way to get good with women is through EXPERIENCE, so what does that has to do with anything? well, if it cost you couple of hundred dollars every time you go out, it limits your frequency of going out and meeting new women, killing your experiences, which in my honest opinion is one of the most important parts of getting good. When I started clubbing the reason I got good is cause I used to go out at least 4 times a week, 4 times 130= $520.

For me to spent $520 in clubs it would take me about 10 years. I get in clubs free, I don’t pay for parking, I do not buy alcohol and I hardly ever buy women drinks if ever. Most of my clubbing budget is spent in gym, clothes, grooming and condoms.

So now lets go to the second problem, women are not stupid and they know what the guys doing this weak ass game are trying to do, so they will be friendly, get free drinks and then find an excuse to leave or just leave.

Now lets say I am totally wrong and the girl/s happen to be into you, now you started with the bad provider type early frame instead of a lover/sexual threat/boy toy frame which as  explained in the 2 types of men post delays sex.

So when is the right time to do VIP and get bottle of service? There is a right time to do this and that is when you, your male and female friends plan to go to the club kind of like a social circle to have a good time. In this type of cases which is usually a birthday party, some type of celebration like graduation, a company meeting etc… Then, since involve acquaintances, it is pre-plan and is a MIXED GROUP, in other words women involve, is ok, I give the skills seal of approval. Out!






  • Versalis says:

    Glad that chat inspired an article from you.
    The point of the table is more for isolation and screening than anything else.
    I only go out to clubs a few times a year and this is far and away more successful for me. I’ve never had to pay for entrance when we have a table. They comped our parking as well. All fees included is a little over half of my income for the day(since I only go out with friends), so it isn’t exactly breaking the bank.

    This is to make things easier for infrequent clubbers. Yeah, it is too expensive if you’re going out 100+ times a year. Bad for college students even infrequently. But it has its uses.

    • Skills says:

      Versalis, that is a good point, still what we want to do is establish the proper early frame experience, this may cause problems with the early frame.

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