Ways To Avoid Cover Charge in Clubs

bouncerHere are some things I do to avoid paying a cover charge in clubs:


1.- If you go to a club couple of times(minimum 3-5) and they recognize you, just go through a vip line or exit line, say hi how are you? shake the hands of doorman and hand on shoulder for compliance, then keep moving. Regulars usually don’t pay, which is the advantage of being a regular.

2.- Sometimes when clubs are merged (2-3 clubs put together) you can sneak in.

3.- Promoters, dj, staff, vip list. If you do not know them use facebook or social media to befriend.

4.- This works better alone.

5.- A group of vip people are getting in, you can pretend you are with that group.(playing stupid)

6.- Go before 12 usually free or half price.

7.- Most clubs have promotional cards for free or half price.

8.- Go out of your way and take the time and effort to befriend all Managers, bar tenders, bouncers, cashiers, staff, doorman. I do it twice when i get in and when i get out. Helps to know them by name too.

9.- New doorman and bouncers do monkey, see monkey do, so if they see you are getting in free from other doorman, they will let you in free next time, even if they quit.

10.- Saying that you know (name) someone that works there (hopefully you really do).

I think I have saved minimum 5k in clubs fees following the above methods. Remember I go out minimum 3 times a week to 3 different clubs for the last 15-20 years.

If you were to fail and they stop you, just do what a guru name Daigoro does, he basically says:

“I don’t want to pay cover. I just want to have a few drinks. Can I buy you a drink instead?” No fuss, no drama. And if he refuses, I either walk away or have to pay up.




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