What is the proper way for non verbal dance floor game

club make outA post by a newbie bragging about his successful makeouts and grinds, but at the same time complaining about how he loses women in mid game and how he can not pull single night lays, inspired me to write this post. The way I do dance floor game is in a way that trough my body language, actions and my dancing I let the target get to know me, none verbally while the target and I are having fun, feeling the chemistry and we are getting aroused sexually.  Through my dancing I display that I am a Secret Society member, I am fun, I am attractive, I am different,I am not needy, I have abundance, I am calibrated, that I protect her social proof, I can aroused her like no other dude, I am high value, I don’t chase etc… I offer things that no other guy can offer specially in the dance floor and probably in the club. If you just were to grab a girl escalate and make out, is simple and you got nothing, that is not enough, she does not know you, so she will flake if you call her, and definitely she will NOT go home with you. That is one of the reasons most gurus advise against dance floor (the famous trap) and insist so much on isolation. They are totally right, but there is a way around that, which is what i have done successfully for many years. Which is creating a bubble, I will quote a seducer by the name 0 who explains it very well in this paragraph:


Once I dance with a girl that I dig, it is pure seduction. It is sensual. It is foreplay. It’s her and me in a bubble. Forget all about this social-dancing thing where you just bust your moves. It is all about the interaction, the touching, the tension, the eye-contact, the push-pull, the i-could-go-on-for-hours. It is the most fulfilling seduction technique I’ve experienced. Fuck, I’ve taken home too many chicks from just dancing with them until they couldn’t hold back but kiss me and touch my cock to know your saying “dancing is bad for seduction” comes from a misunderstanding of how you properly dance with a woman. And yes, it only comes easy if you can feel music. I know very few guys who can use dancing for seduction, and most of them aren’t European. Go figure.


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